The Best Energy Efficient Patio Door

The Best Energy Efficient Patio Door: Save on Costs

If you want to get the most from your patio, maybe it’s time you completely transform it. From swing to the slider, vinyl to wood, French to bi-fold, there are some energy-efficient patio doors out there. A good energy efficient patio door will save you a lot and enhance the quality of your life.

5 Best-Selling Energy Efficient Patio Doors

Check our reviews to learn about some of the best energy efficient patio doors out there. We’ve also looked at the factors to consider when shopping for one. Not sure? Dive in to learn more.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Energy Efficient Patio Doors

1. LARSON 84×81 WHT DBL Scr Door

LARSON E200038481 84x81 WHT ( DBL Scr Door)
Product Highlights:
  • item weight: 21.0 lb
  • country of origin: china
  • brand name: larson
  • item dimensions: 1.69"l x 5.0"w x 85.0"h

As a white double retractable screen door, LARSON 84×81 WHT DBL Scr Door is one of the best energy efficient patio doors out there.

Easy to operate and install, you can always adjust it to fit your uneven openings. But if you are not sure, look for an expert to help you out.

It’s a very sturdy and high-quality door that you can expect to use for long. Although it’s costly, if you compare it to retractable doors, it’s cheaper.

If you are looking for a patio door that will save you a lot in terms of energy, this is the right choice.

2. ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door 72″ x 80″, Upgraded Fiberglass

ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door ( Sticks, Full Frame Hook & Loop - 72” X 80")
Product Highlights:
  • 【door size compatibility up to 70"x 79"】the size of the magnetic screen door is 72" x 80" and can fit door sizes up to 70” x 79". the screen door is equipped with two ve*lcro hasps. the magnetic screen door can be held open by holding the sides in place. this feature is useful to clear the doorway for times when you frequently go in and out of the screen door. note: please note: please carefully measure your door size before ordering.
  • 【opens easily & closes automatically】equipped with 36 strong magnetic strips to make the mesh screen door instantly opens and closes automatically. added to the mesh door are 6 extra weighted sticks at the bottom allows the magnetic screen door to close quickly and stay sealed tightly, and ensure the mesh screen will not be blown open by the wind.
  • 【durable & high quality】the door screen is made of ultra-durable fiberglass and high-density 18 x 16 mesh , which is scratch-resistant and tear-resistant. compared to other screen doors that use nylon or polyester, fiberglass mesh is more durable and more substantial. the unique reinforcement line design at the top of the screen snap protects the door from tearing, giving it a longer life.
  • 【easy installation & detachable】 no tools are required to install the magnetic screen door. you simply peel the adhesive backing off of the hook and loop strips, then apply to the door frame. the full-frame ve*lcro and push up pins secure the screen into its place. the door net is detachable, and you can roll it up to store the mesh screen during off-seasons temporarily.
  • 【easy installation & detachable】 no tools are required to install the magnetic screen door. you simply peel the adhesive backing off of the hook and loop strips, then apply to the door frame. the full-frame ve*lcro and push up pins secure the screen into its place. the door net is detachable, and you can roll it up to store the mesh screen during off-seasons temporarily.

ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door is fitted with two Velcro harps and can be opened by holding the two opposing sides in place. Easy to open and close, this is one of the best energy-efficient doors out there.

Apart from its magnetic strips, it has 6 extra weighted sticks to ensure it remains in place. Strong and durable it’s made from ultra-durable fiberglass.

Its unique reinforcement line design also shields it from tearing. As compared to others, you don’t need a lot of things to install it. Its push-up pins and full-frame Velcro will comfortably secure it in place.

Since the door net is detachable you can remove it wherever you want. With its thermal properties, you can keep the winter chills and summer heats out of your home.

 It will also reduce the energy lost by up to 40%

3. Professional Series White Aluminum/Wood French Patio Door

Featuring a powder-coated aluminum exterior and solid wood interior, this door will save you a lot. With its unique construction and quality craftsmanship, it will provide you with the best thermal performance.

Since it’s easy to install and maintain, by buying it you’ll definitely get value for your money.

With its features, it will help you reduce the energy lost in the environment by up to 25%. Also, by reducing the noise you’ll enjoy a night of more uninterrupted sleep for long.

Overall this is a great product that you’ll definitely love.

4. Slideback- Self Closing Sliding Patio Door Closer

Slideback Self Closing Sliding ( Duty) For 5-6 Ft Doors)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to install - just a few simple steps.
  • keeps children and pets safe from wandering out and gives you peace of mind especially if you have a pool.
  • energy saver- reduces cooling and heating by keeping the patio door closed.
  • speed adjustable to slow the door down as a child safety feature to prevent injury.
  • works for all standard 5 and 6 foot patio doors (hurricane resistant doors need heavy duty plus)

Simple and easy to operate, you just need a few steps to install this self-closing sliding patio door. If you want to keep your kids and pets from wandering out and rest peacefully, this is the right patio door for you.

Fitted with an energy saver, it will help you reduce cooling and heating by ensuring your patio door is always closed. This way, you can save a lot in terms of energy.

To ensure that your child is safe it comes with a speed adjustable feature. It’s suitable for all standard 5 to 6-foot patio doors.

With this amazing door, you don’t have to worry again about the safety of your goods. The fact that it helps you save on energy makes it one of the best.

5. Homitt Durable Fiberglass Mesh Magnet Patio Door

Constructed of premium quality fiberglass, this door is scratch and rust-resistant. It’s also strong and fireproof.

Detachable and durable, it has unique reinforcement lines to ensure a longer life. With its full-frame and loop, it will install well regardless of the size of your frame.

If you want to remove the mesh you just need to roll it up and you are done. Made of durable material, it can withstand thousands of going through.

Very easy to install, you don’t require a lot of tools. Plus it will save you up to 20% of total energy cost.

Buying Guide

1. Choose Your Door Frame Well

The two most important energy efficient patio doors include French and sliding doors. While there is a lot of debate about the best one when designed well both are energy efficient.

2. Select the Right Patio Glass

Choosing the right patio glass is a very important thing to do when shopping for an energy-efficient patio door.

Instead of a single pane patio glass, go for a double pane. This will help you keep your air conditioning bills low during summer and heating bills low during winter.

3. Material

Patio door’s energy efficiency features can really be impacted depending on the type of material you choose. From wood to vinyl, there are several materials you can choose from.

If you are not sure, work with a professional to help you determine what materials are best for you. Doing this will help you save as much as possible.

4. Know Your Budget

When looking for the best energy efficient patio door, make sure you determine your budget. Depending on the size, style, quality, and other features, the cost of these doors varies from one door to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an energy-efficient patio door?

Unlike other doors, an energy-efficient patio door will save you a lot, help improve the environment, and boost the quality of your life. Plus you won’t have to rely on artificial cooling methods.

What qualities make patio doors more efficient?

Apart from the sealing and the thickness of the door, the door’s energy performance normally determines its efficiency.

How does it take to install an energy-efficient patio door?

If there are no complications, installing an energy-efficient patio door should take a day. However, while some doors are easy to install others are a bit difficult.
Before embarking on the process, make sure you survey the door well. One of the things to check is the frame’s tolerance and whether it will accommodate the door.

Who should install my energy efficient patio door?

Since you need a specialist to install your door, look for one before placing your order. Remember, if something goes wrong during the process, you may have to spend more money.
Where possible, look for an experienced company that will accept responsibility if something goes wrong.

Are energy-efficient patio doors easy to replace?

Just like other doors, replacing a patio door is a straight forward process. If you follow all the rules you should do it within a short time. But make sure you avoid mistakes such as over-tightening, incorrect measurements, and incorrect screws.


By installing this door, you’ll enjoy an improvement in your energy bill and feel comfortable at home regardless of the season. With several options in the market, you’ll always end up with the best.