The Best Commercial Propane Patio Heaters

The Best Commercial Propane Patio Heater: Heat Your Patio and Keep It Usable Throughout the Year

If there is something that will prevent most people from staying outdoors then it’s a cold breeze. Thankfully, with the best commercial propane patio heater, you can heat your outdoor area and keep it warm throughout the year.

5 Best-Selling Commercial Propane Patio Heaters

Considered an outdoor appliance, a patio heater creates a wave of energy that turns into heat used to warm up the area around them.

Since the heat is not carried away by the wind, it’s one of the most efficient ways to heat outdoors. As a good investment, a well-heated outdoor space can also bring you extra income.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Commercial Propane Patio Heaters

1. HuiRS 48000 Btu Stainless Steel Floorstanding Liquid Propane Patio Heater

Made using heavy-duty commercial grade steel, this propane patio heater is fitted with a standard 20 pound LPG propane tank. Simple and easy to use, you just need to push the button to put it on.

Coming with movable pulleys, it’s easy to move from one place to another. It’s, therefore, convenient for heating your porch, parks, parties, fishing places, and drinking places.

Whether you are hosting a small or a large gathering, this is the right heater for you. Guaranteed to stand well, it measures 32″ in diameter.

It also zips and closes with ease. Overall, it’s good quality, very easy to assemble, and produces a good amount of heat. Even if you are buying it for the first time, you won’t be disappointed.

2. BALI OUTDOORS Portable Propane Patio Heater

BALI OUTDOORS Portable Patio ( Table Top Heater, Bronze)
Product Highlights:
  • ☀light weight and portable – this table top patio heater is designed for convenience and style. its dimension is 34 in h x 20 in dia. and only weight 14lbs, uses 1lb propane tank (not included), adjustable to 10,000 btu's
  • ☀safty design –the patio heater will off automatically if it tip over with the gas safety shut-off switch, also the screen shield prevent to burn by accident
  • ☀wildly use – our patio heater has ods protection device, it will automatic cutout source gas when the lack of oxygen, it means you can use it outdoors as well as indoors and more scene you want to use
  • ☀easy aeesembly – bali outdoors patio heater is easy assembly just by following the starting directions and you will finish it less than hour
  • ☀multifunction and practical:14 lbs weight make this portable table top patio heater easy for transport and ideal for patios and balconies, camping, tailgating

BALI OUTDOORS Portable Propane Patio Heater is not only lightweight but also portable. Designed for style and convenience, it measures 34 in H x 20 in diameter and weighs 14lbs.

Featuring a safety design, it will go off automatically if it tips over. It also has a screen shield to prevent any accidental burning.

Multipurpose and widely used, it has an ODS protection device that will automatically cut off the gas where there is no oxygen. This means you can use it wherever you want.

With its solid weighted base, it will remain stable. Simple and easy to install, if you follow all the instructions you’ll install it within 1 hour.

More so, it’s practical and multifunctional hence ideal for restaurants, balconies, tailgating, and camping.

3. ZZFF Propane Gas Patio Heater, Portable Commercial Outdoor Heater

ZZFF Propane Gas Patio ( Outside Outdoor Heater With Wheels For Garden)
Product Highlights:
  • easy assembly:all parts of the patio heater present,unit well packed and undamaged.all the holes lined up well,and the bolts all fit well,the outdoor heater is easy assembly,follow the starting directions and you will finished it less than hour.
  • freestanding gas patio heater:propane patio heater can produce an impressive heat output of 47,000 btu in a circle.a great heating solution and a perfect alternative to a fire pit to heat up your garden parties and keep your guests warm when the temperature starts to drop.
  • with modern design:crafted from high-grade steel with sleek bronze hammered finish,designed to resist rust and to provide superior quality,perfectly complementing your patio furniture and outdoor decor,the gas patio heater has csa certification.
  • safty:the patio heaters use 20 lbs lp gas tank and which add weight to the base of the gas patio heater providing much needed stability and safety during windy conditions,also you can fix the outdoor heater base on the deck by screws,the patio heater has safety auto shut off tilt valve and safety auto shut off when the gas run out.
  • multiple place usage:commercial outside heater is not only ideal for the garden,it is also suitable for many places,especially in the autumn and winter,and can be seen at parties,coffee tables on the streets,parks,fishing places and drinking.we are committed to giving our customers an excellent after-sales service.

As compared to others, this commercial propane heater with wheels comes with everything you need. With all the holes lined up and bolts fitting well, you don’t need a lot of time to install it.

Having a capacity to produce up to 47,000 Btu, it’s the perfect heating solution for garden patios and restaurants. It will warm up your guests when the cold starts to set in.

Featuring a modern design it’s made from high-grade steel and sleek bronze hence can provide superior quality. If you want to perfectly complement your outdoor patio décor and patio furniture, this is the right heater.

It uses a 20 LBs gas tank that adds weight and provides much-needed stability. You can also fix it on the deck using screws.

With its safety auto shut off and auto shut off tilt valve, you don’t have to worry about your safety.

4. ZHUAN Commercial Propane Patio Heater Outdoor Heater

Well packaged and easy to assemble. ZHUAN Commercial Propane Patio Heater has well-aligned holes and screws that fit together perfectly well.

Easy to set up, you can assemble it in less than one hour. As a free-standing patio heater, it has a capacity of producing up to 47000 BTUs.

As a great heating alternative, you can use it to keep your guests and customers warm once the temperatures start to go down.

Made of high-quality steel, it will perfectly complement your outdoor furniture and decor. Plus, since it’s CSA certified, you don’t expect it to rust.

It’s suitable for heating many places, especially during autumn and winter. You can use it at parties, coffee tables, fishing spots, and drinking places.

5. xdvdfvbdf Portable Commercial Propane Patio Outdoor Heater

Xdvdfvbdf Patio Heater PropanePortable ( Wheels For Garden Wedding,Party-Stainless Steel)
Product Highlights:
  • commercial type:these units are the most powerful patio heaters in the market for an 15-foot diameter heat range.they can also be wheeled away,ensuring exceptional mobility despite their hefty size.heavy duty yet gorgeous with a stylish finish options,they are perfect for serious outdoor entertainers with big spaces.
  • simple start up piezo ignition system:to operate,all it takes to light the heater is a simple push of the button thanks to its user-friendly,one-step,piezo ignition system.
  • 48,000 btus of heat:mid-winter merry-making? no problem.even more,the unit heats a wide area with a range of up to 15 feet in diameter.a nice alternative to a fire pit,the gas patio heater delivers quiet,soothing,consistent heat--with no smoke or open flames to worry about.
  • variable-heat control knob:allows for low or high heat settings and for turning the heater completely off at the end of the protection:overturn protection and flame out protection will help you to keep using safe.
  • wheels for smooth mobility:a wheel assembly with two smooth-rolling wheels comes included,making it easy to transport the outdoor heater from poolside to patio or from one side of the deck to the other.

If you are looking for the most powerful commercial patio heater, this is a good choice. Measuring 15 feet, it’s fitted with wheels to ensure mobility.

Although it’s a heavy-duty commercial heater it’s quite gorgeous. If you are a serious outdoor entertainer this is the perfect heater.

Equipped with a simple start-up Piezi ignition system, you only require a simple push to light it up. Capable of producing up to 48,000 Btus of Heat, if you want to host winter merrymaking this heater has everything you need.

Having a range of up to 15 feet in diameter, it’s capable of heating a large area. Since it delivers soothing, quiet, consistent heat, it’s a very good alternative to fire.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about open flames or smoke. Fitted with wheels you can easily transport wherever you want.

Buying Guide

1. Functionality

Heating your commercial space can be a bit tricky. With this in mind, you should choose a functional heater. The most important thing is to evaluate the space and determine the best heater.

2. Environment

When looking for a commercial propane patio heater you need to consider the environment you are in.

Since some heaters do not work in high altitudes, make sure you know your environment so you can choose the best.

3. Safety

It’s important to consider the safety features. If you want to install wall heaters ensure the height is safe.

With tabletop and freestanding models, choose one with an anti-tilt feature. There should also be enough room to move around.

4. Installation Process

If you don’t have the skills choose one that’s easy to assemble. It should also be easy to move from one place to another.

5. Budget

Before settling on any heater know the amount of money you want to spend on the heater. While some heaters are very easy to operate they can be a bit expensive.

6. Maintenance

To improve their functionality, propane heaters require regular maintenance. So, you should check it once in a while to ensure there are no leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a commercial propane patio heater in an enclosed environment?

No.  As propane gas burns it leaves behind carbon monoxide. Since this gas has no taste or smell, you won’t know you are taking it in. it might, therefore, be dangerous for health.

Can I use a propane patio heater in a windy environment?

Yes, it’s possible. If you live in a windy area, invest in a pilotless version. These heaters do not go off even in string winds. However, if the wind is too much the efficacy of the heater might be reduced.

What clearance do I need around my commercial propane patio heater?

Since patio heaters are powerful appliances, you need to adhere to the manufactures’ recommendations. Part of this includes distancing it from objects. You should keep them at least 30 inches away from the next object.

Will my commercial patio heater smell?

While propane and other gases burn well, if your tank is leaking they may produce a slight odor. If you notice any smell shut it off immediately and take it back to the manufacturer.


If you are not sure, this article should shed some light and give you a starting point. With most of them having good features, you’ll definitely get the best.