The Best Battery Powered Patio Lights

The Best Battery Powered Patio Lights: Illuminate Your Patio While Enjoying Your Outdoors for Long

If you want to install lights in your patio or backyard, battery-powered lights is the way to go. Flexible and space-saving, these are the right kind of lights for your patio.

5 Best-Selling Battery Powered Patio Lights

While electric powered lights are just okay, using them in some places can be problematic. By working on batteries, these lights will function optimally while saving you a lot.

Whether you want to read a book, throw a nighttime patio party, or enjoy a patio dinner, these lights won’t disappoint. With just the press of a button, they will help you create a fantastic lighting display and illuminate the whole area.

Here, we’ve reviewed some of the best battery powered lights that you can use to transform your patio.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Battery Powered Patio Lights

1. LED Patio Umbrella Clip Lights, IP44 Waterproof Battery Powered

LED Patio Umbrella Clip ( Patio Umbrellas, Camping Tents (Red))
Product Highlights:
  • available electrical source: requires 2*aa batteries (not included), which can be easily purchased in common shops. easy to carry and prepare for batteries backup.available electrical source: requires 2*aa batteries (not included), which can be easily purchased in common shops. easy to carry and prepare for batteries backup.
  • portable & with clips: the light set is compact and portable and comes with clips in three sizes. easy to attach which makes it great to use just about anywhere! a great gift idea for everyone.
  • waterproof: we have waterproof the plastic casing and light, and the waterproof level of plastic casing reaches ip44. in daily use, there will be no water enter into the casing and thus no maintenance cost.
  • energy efficient and eco-friendly led lights: led string lights save over 70% energy over incandescent lights. they last longer and consume less energy while being soft on the eyes.
  • wide application: these lights are ideal for attaching to umbrellas, also for camping tent lights or perfect for a pool party, enjoy a meal in a hotel or on restaurant balconies under these delightful umbrella lights, or even while playing games on the beach.

Portable and easy to set up, LED Patio Umbrella Clip Lights is a unique battery-powered light with clips. Since it comes with clips in 3 sizes, you can attach and use it for anything. It, therefore, makes a great gift.

It’s also made of waterproof materials such as plastic to ensure that no water gets inside. This makes it quite suitable for daily use.

Given that it’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient, it will help you save up to 70% on energy costs. Apart from being soft on the eyes, it lasts longer.

Plus, you can use it widely for a patio party, pool party, or even while playing games.

2. YardGlo Patio Solar Battery LED Light, Outdoor Garden Lights

YardGlo Patio Solar Battery ( Stainless Steel & Waterproof (4-Pack, Black))
Product Highlights:
  • ☑ excellent lighting and battery- these 10 lumens garden lights automatically switch on at dusk and remain on throughout the night. so they are perfect for dark pathways, gardens, backards, and the like. the lights have a battery life of up to 8 hours after the first full charge.
  • ☑ weatherproof - its thoughtfully waterproof design withstands the harshness of the elements including rainy nights, cloudy weather, wind, dust and dirt.
  • ☑ user friendly - after removing the casing, solar cell protector and simple assembling; just firmly drive the solar lights into the ground in the desired location. maximize the solar exposure of the solar cell to recharge the battery and ensure long service hours.
  • ☑ package includes 4 solar lights of 5.5 x 5.5 x 15 inches. each light is made of 3 parts, namely, ground stake, vertical pole, and top solar head with glass lens.
  • ☑ 100% satisfaction guarantee - should you have any issue with the product, please contact us without hesitation. we will assist you to sort out the issue or refund the money no questions asked.

YardGlo Patio Solar Battery LED Lights are some of the best battery powered patio lights out there. Featuring 10 lumens, these lights will automatically switch on and remain that way throughout the night.

After the first full charge, they will provide you with a battery life of up to 8 hours. They have a thoughtfully waterproof design that withstands elements such as cloudy weather, rainy nights, dust, dirt, and wind.

Easy to install and use, you just need to remove the casing and then formally drive them into the ground in your desired location. To recharge it and ensure long service hours, make sure it’s exposed to the sun.

Coming with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can contact the company should you have any problem. They will either refund your money or help you sort the issue.

3. 36ft 100 LED Battery Operated Lights for Outdoor Garden Patio

36ft 100 LED Battery ( 8 Modes, 120 Hours Of Lighting, Warm White))
Product Highlights:
  • battery powered string light: koopower 36ft 100 leds string light is powered by 3 aa batteries (not included), which can be used both indoors and outdoors without trailing cables or an external power supply.
  • 4 timing modes: with 4 timing modes (4h, 6h, 8h, 12h), you can choose the one that suits your needs most. the light with a timer frees your hands and mind as it will automatically power off when setting the switch to “timer”, thus dispelling your worries about forgetting to switch off the lights.
  • 8 variable blinking modes: 8 blinking modes including combination, steady on, slow fade, in waves, sloglo, chasing/flash, sequential and twinkle/flash provide a perfect solution to your different decorative needs. and the mode can be conveniently changed with one hand operation.
  • dustproof and waterproof: dustproofing and waterproofing to ip65 level ensures this led light can work normally under environments where rain, dust, water, snow and frost are likely. (tip: wrapping a plastic bag around the battery box will bring a much higher level of safety and prolong the lifespan of the product.)
  • wonderful holiday decor: emitting soothing warm white glow, the fairy string light will be a perfect ornament for valentine’s day, christmas, easter, party, birthday and more celebratory events by adding a joyful, relaxing and cozy aura.

Featuring over 100 LED battery operated lights, these are perhaps the perfect lights for your patio. Once installed, you can use them outdoors without bothering about any trailing cables.

Fitted with 4 timing modes, you can choose one depending on what you need. It also features a mode specifically suited for decorative lighting.

Once you’ve set the mode, it will work automatically work. Dust and waterproof, these lights are suitable for use in all conditions.

They are, therefore, perfect for use during patio parties, at Christmas, and other festivities. You can also use them to give your home a warm glow.

4. LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum Wireless Motion Sensor Security Porch Light

LIGHT IT By Fulcrum ( Porch Light, Silver, Single)
Product Highlights:
  • motion sensor - auto on/off for hands-free convenience and safety. adjustable head rotates to aim the light where needed.
  • led floodlight technology provides ultra-bright, glare free, ultra-wide coverage.
  • weatherproof - sealed for protection against moisture.
  • easy installation- installs in minutes using only 2 screws, and no wiring necessary. mounting plate makes installation and battery replacement a snap.
  • uses 4 'c' batteries (sold separately). energy efficient leds extend battery life, and never need replacement.

Fulcrum 20031-101 Wireless is waterproof lights that emit abroad and intense beam when nighttime appears.

Besides being simple and easy to install, it has a rugged case to protect it against the elements.

You can mount it on a pole or an outer wall arch. With its incredibly white light, it will provide you with greater visibility and safety even in the dead of the night.

If fully charged, it can provide you with up to 10 hours of full service. It’s also fitted with an optical sensor that will detect light and turn off when day time approaches. This makes it very economical.

As compared to conventional lights that only light a small space, this light casts a white beam that illuminates the whole of your patio area.

5. Mr. Beams MB392, 400 Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered Led Ultra

Beams MB390 400 Lumen ( LED Spotlight, 2-Pack, Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • ultra bright led's with minimum power consumption provides 400 lumens of bright outdoor security lighting.
  • motion sensor turns led spotlight on and off automatically, giving you bright light wherever you need it.
  • perfect outdoor lighting in any climate. this dual led spotlight features a weatherproof design for durability and reliable function.
  • simple wireless installation in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. mounting hardware included.
  • each led light provides 400 square feet of coverage, battery operated by four d-cell batteries (not included).

If you are looking for an ultra-bright battery powered patio light, this is the best option. As one of the brightest lights, it’s fitted with a motion sensor that can turn it on and off depending on the time of the day.

Suitable for patio lighting in any climate, it has a waterproof design for reliability and durability. Simple and easy to assemble, it’s wireless hence you can install it within minutes.

It will also provide you with up to 400 feet of coverage. As a battery-operated light, you don’t need any source of electricity. This means you can use it anywhere.

Widely applicable, you can use it in your backyard, patio, garage, decks, porches, fences, and anywhere light is applicable.

Buying Guide

1. Know Your Needs

When choosing a battery-powered patio light, it’s very important to know your needs. This way, you can evaluate the features and end up with the best.

2. Bulb Type

Battery-powered patio lights come with different types of bulbs with the best being the LED bulbs. As compared to others, these bulbs have the best energy savings and the longest lifespan. For durability, some of them are made of plastic.

3. Lighting Effects

When shopping for the best battery powered patio lights, you don’t have to choose a steady glow. You can go for dimming or flashing ones.

4. Weatherproofing Features

Given that the lights will be installed outdoors they should have weatherproofing features.

5. The Brightness of the Lights

Since you are looking for lights to use at night, go for one with the best ratings. By doing this, you’ll ensure your patio is well illuminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my battery powered patio lights on throughout the night?

Yes. Most of these lights once fully charged can work for up to 10 hours. This makes them suitable in cold climates where other lights cannot be installed.

Are battery-powered lights for patio a fire hazard?

No. These lights are safe and easy to use.  As compared to other lights that must be plugged, they only require the right batteries for them to function. Once installed you just need to switch them on.

What batteries should I buy for my battery powered lights?

While this varies from one light to another, you should buy rechargeable storage batteries. These will ensure that you have the power to use whenever you want.

How long do battery-powered patio lights last?

The best battery powered patio lights should last for about 30,000 hours. As compared to the normal fluorescent lights, battery-powered lights deliver more light.

Can I use my battery-powered lights outside?

Yes. You can use them unless they are not rated for outdoor use.

Are battery-powered patio lights worth it?

Yes. This is because they will illuminate your space with or without electricity. Since most of them can be recharged you’ll end up saving a lot on electricity bills.


While looking for battery-powered patio lights, choose versatile, easy to use, and beautiful lights. The best lights should also be comfortable, welcoming, and warm.

You can start with these even as you expand your search. If you know what you are looking for, you’ll definitely get the best.