How To Hang Patio String Lights With Wire

How to Hang Patio String Lights with Wire

Hanging patio string lights is not hard when you have proper planning and the right tools. When properly installed, these lights add elegance and ambiance to your outdoor space. They transform it into a party-ready space when darkness sets in, on top of their functional value, which is keeping darkness away. If you don’t have trees around your patio, you don’t have to worry since you can easily hang these lights on a wire with much ease. We made this guide to make it easy for you to hang patio string lights with wire.

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What You Need

  • Wirecutter
  • String lights
  • Wire
  • Wall anchors
  • Screw hooks
  • Cable clips


1. Measure the Space

You need to measure your patio correctly to know how many strings lights you need and also the length of wire you require. If you want to hang the lights along a perimeter of the patio, measure the distance of the perimeter. If you want to hang in a zigzag position, measure between the points you want to install the lights. Take into account the location of the power source, too, as you measure to avoid a very short wire and few string lights. This will also prevent you from buying a very large wire you probably won’t require to use.

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2. Mount the Screw Hooks

Mount the screw hooks into the mounting points. This will depend on the design you want to achieve. If the points are on a wall, use wall anchors.

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3. Connect the Wires and Tighten Them

After mounting the screw hooks, you can now connect the wire and tighten them accordingly. Connect the snap hooks of the wire to the screw hooks and hang the wire along your planned layout. Use cable clips to tighten the wire ends.

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4. Attach the String Lights

Attach the string lights using their clips. For extra support, you can use zip ties on both sides of the socket. Ensure the zip ties you use are of the same color as your string lights for visual appeal.

If you had taken the correct measurements at the start of this exercise, the lights will not stretch excessively. Plug your lights on a source of power, put it on, and enjoy your beautiful patio.

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Types of String Lights for Patio

There are several types of string lights available for outdoor patio purposes. Here are some of them.

1. Solar Lanterns

These string lights resemble lanterns, and some are even solar-powered. They can stay up to 20 hours when full and always bring out a distinctive look. Solar lanterns are also good at withstanding various environmental conditions since they are designed for outdoor uses.

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2. Vintage Lights

Vintage lights are common and are also known as Edison light bulbs. They produce golden light creating a romantic ambiance.

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3. Colorful Lights

Colorful lights are mostly used during occasions and holidays. They are usually bright and colorful and are meant to create that distinctive holiday feel. Colorful lights are available in different designs and colors. However, you shouldn’t feel limited on how you can use these lights, as they also make perfect patio additions all year long.

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4. Fairy Lights

Some years ago, fairy lights were mostly installed in bedrooms. You can add them to your patio and create a magical scene. Just like their name, fairy lights are a bit sophisticated. They usually create illusions of fireflies, and they best come out when hanged near trees. Fairy lights are good for creating romantic setups.

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Tips for Choosing the Best String Lights for Your Patio

When choosing string lights for your patio, you might get overwhelmed by the many options available. Here are some of the things you should consider when purchasing these lights.

1. Check Their Weather Resistance Capabilities

Because the string lights are most likely to be exposed to rainwater, it’s crucial to go for products that are water-resistant. These lights are usually indicated on their packaging that they are ideal for outdoor uses. There are string lights designed for indoor use only, and when you install them in open spaces, they will get damaged by rainwater and sun.

2. Bulb Size

String light bulbs come in different sizes; small, medium, and large. Go for common bulb sizes to avoid problems in case the need for replacing the bulbs arises in the future. Mostly, string lights with large bulbs consume more energy than ones with smaller bulbs. If you’re looking for energy-saving solutions, smaller bulbs will be much better.

3. Color

String lights come in different colors, and you have the option of getting your preferred ones. You can go for the common white glow or add more fun by incorporating other colors. Warm colors create an inviting appearance making them a perfect selection for outdoor relaxing purposes.

4. Energy Saving Capabilities

If you’d like to save money on energy bills, get energy-efficient string lights. These include:

LED Bulbs

LED lightings use less energy than many traditional bulbs. They are also brighter and are mostly suitable for large patios but can also be used in smaller ones. However, most LED lights are usually expensive, but you can be sure it’s something worth your money. They will also last for several years, meaning you won’t have to replace them from time to time.

Solar-Powered Bulbs

Solar-powered bulbs use solar energy for power. This means you only need to buy the solar equipment and forget about paying bills. Solar power is usually more convenient as it doesn’t get affected by power outages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED string lights more durable?

LED string lights make use of light-emitting diodes, unlike other bulbs like fluorescent that use filaments. This makes them more efficient than fluorescent lights. They also don’t get very hot even after being on for several hours, making them safe.

Can I leave string lights on all night?

Leaving your lights on is okay. All you have to keep in mind is that the lights will consume a lot of energy, especially if they are not energy efficient. When using solar-powered string lights, energy consumption might not be a problem.

Can string lights cause a fire if they are left on for long?

The chances of a fire hazard happening when you leave your lights on for long periods are slim but possible. It is not recommended to leave your light on for too long since it can lead to overheating. Make sure you switch them off sometimes, even if it’s during the day.

Will string light attract bugs on the patio?

Some insects might get attracted to string lights on the patio at night.  You can get some insect repellent products to keep them away.


These string lights are beautiful and great at creating different moods like romance, festivity, and serenity. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to involve a professional in installing them. You can do that with much ease using simple tools that are easily available. They are also available in different designs and sizes. It’s you to choose your most preferred according to your taste and class.