How To Hang Patio Lights Without Nails

How to Hang Patio Lights Without Nails

Summer has just come, and you have numerous plans, but your patio has not yet been revamped. This might make you get stressed, but there is no course for alarm! I have prepared for you numerous simple ideas which you can use to hang your patio lights without nails.

5 Best-Selling Lights for Your Patio

Summer holidays are generally beautiful and full of life, and nothing beats a well light patio and their ability to improve the ambiance and general view of your space.

 Adding lights can transform your space from an ordinary backyard to a party-ready soft spot and cheer up dim pathways with inviting luminescence. 

Let’s explore the various ways that can easily be implemented to hang your patio lights without nails.

1. Hang the Lights Along Gutter Hooks

Image Source Deavita

This technique is straightforward and leaves your walls undamaged. Estimate the gaps you want to maintain between each hanging light and stick the gutter hooks at these intervals.

Hang in your string light and let them dropdown. The straight, bright lines slanting down your wall brings an ecstatic view to your outdoor space.

2. Adhesive Backed Hooks

Image Source Bulb and Fittings

What is more exciting than having string bulbs flowing down your wall like dewdrops? Well, you can achieve this by pinning adhesive-backed hooks on a flat concrete wall around your space and hung the chain of bulbs.

 Usually, these hooks come with adhesive, so you only need to peel the sticker off and stick on the walls. If the glue is not enough, you can add more for a solid stick. 

3. Make Use of the Trees 

Image Source Country Living

Trees can create a romantic and intimate spot on your patio if you explore and implement some creative skills. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks that can be used to hang lights on trees in your patio. 

Among these; stick strings of lights on the lower branches of the tree and let them drop downwards. This can be an ideal spot to have your intimate family dinner or whatever suits the moment.

The second way is to twist strings of white lights around the trees. Lighted trees create an enchanting space and give beautiful views from a distance. 

You should consider changing this strings over time or readjusting because some string light may grow into the trees.

4. Floss Your Fence

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You can decide to floss your fence by creating a glowing border that will not only light up your fence but also make your backyard feel like a palace. 

You can place orb bulbs at intervals around the fence or simply add strings of light draping down.

5. Double Glow

This is yet another brilliant idea that will give your outdoor space a breathtaking feel leaving your neighbors mouth drop! 

Pair string of lights on decorative items like illuminating jars or create a DIY chandelier on your backyard and let them drape down.

6. Use a Glue Gun

This hack is a bit hectic because of the holding and waiting for the glue to dry but much better than spoiling your walls or other decors with drilled nails. 

With this, you need to spread enough hot glue on the spotted smooth surface, put the bulb to stick and hold it enough until the glue dries. Repeat this process on all the spots you want lit.

7. Make Use of a Pendant

Identifying specific spots and bringing your lights at a central place will bring a focal point and add symmetry to your space. 

This idea will work well if you make use of your pendant because all the strings will be directed here. The idea illuminates and beautify your space even more.

8. Hang Lights Using a Tape Measure

Tape measures are stationeries that rarely misses in our homes, yet few know it can be used to tape in light on the outside space.

There are several styles which can be used to arrange the lights, but it all depends on your choice. You can decide to keep a wavy style, make them straight, or even tape them on the wall. 

Whatever style you settle on, tape the string lights estimated intervals, but the ideal spacing will be between two lights of the string. Double tape the string for a stronger hold.

9. Drape Lights on Sturdy Plants Within Your Backyard

Image Source Pinterest

The lights don’t have to be just strings; you can decide to put orb lights on some plants, which will give your space a lovely but subtle touch. 

Plants like coreopsis, bougainvillea, buddleia, and other similar plants can be an excellent site to place your lights. This will not only lighten up your garden landscape but also bring a heavenly look to your outdoor space.

10. How About a See-Through Buckets

Pile some lights into a see-through bucket and place it on strategic places. This will not only protect it but also make a pretty lantern that will lovingly light up your space.

11. Cemented Poles

Image Source Sugar Maple 

If you do not have an existing structure in your backyard to hang lights, you can decide to cement poles to the bottom of planters anchored at each corner and hang your lights on top of each pole.

12. Covered Patio

You can hang your lights on a covered patio in two main ways; Make use of the Corners and attach strings of lights at the top corner close to the roof and let them drop down. This style will give the space a uniform but beautiful look. 

The other way is to hang on the roof following lines concurrently. This style will keep the place well illuminated and radiant. 

13. Above a Fire Place/Pit

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Hanging lights above a fire pit in your patio brings ambiance and make the place cozy. What is more exciting than enjoying your warm, intimate moments with family and friends around an illuminated fire pit? 

14. Make a DIY Pergola

Use three vintage ladders and create a mini pergola. This will give you a perfect place to hang your lights and glow your patio.

15. Hang Glowing Orbs on Your Plants

Image Source Volandaei Store

If you have beautiful plants like the lily or bougainvillea, make use of it and hung glowing orbs on it. Orbs are magnificent, so be sure of an even ecstatic patio.

16. Hung Dozens of Lights on a Porch’s Ceiling

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You can decide to go extra and add dozens of lights on your porch’s ceiling. This will be very suitable if you are planning to hold evening or night parties on your patio.

17. Use a Rope

Image credits 33 Decor

Tie the string lights on a rope and run it down around your backyard. This will most especially lighten up dark pathways and, more so, cast a soft glow around your outdoor space. 

18. Hack this DIY Hunger

Position multiple buckets at the corners you want light or along the perimeter and fill them with concrete, but just before you pour your concrete fix in a PVC pipe with a hook on top. 

You can decide to pull the bucket off or cut if its plastic to leave a well-shaped concrete stand. Hang your lights on these pipes

19. Hung Strings of Light on a Gazebo

Image Source Group Home Decor

You can decide to hang string lights on the inside or even outside of your gazebo draping down. Not only will it make your gazebo a center of attraction but also lighten up your patio. 

20. Use Metal Pole and PVC

Cut PVC pipes into a sizable fit that suits you and hammer them down into the ground, this will ensure the pipe firmness. 

After this, squeeze in a pole with a hook on top, which will be used to hang your patio lights. You can hammer this pipes around your patio at intervals or the corners you desire.

How to Choose the Right Patio Lights

1. Power Type

Either mains, solar, or battery power patio lights. What power source do you use at your home? The power you use will dictate the patio lights you need to go for. Since you have to plug an electrical outlet when using mains, invest in an outdoor extension cord or outlet.

Battery-powered patio lights usually come with a case for the batteries and the case can be placed anywhere since you don’t have to plug them in. What you need to ensure is that the battery case is waterproof to withstand torrential downpours. 

Solar patio lights are the best when it comes to saving energy. They are quick and easy to set up, and most switch on and off automatically. 

2. Bulb Type

Do you want LED bulbs for a bright and vintage look or incandescent ones for a warm glow? What shape do you want your patio lights to have? Ask yourselves these questions before you select a set of outdoor string lights. If looking for long-lasting bulbs, go for those made from plastic.

3. Lighting Effects

Different patio lights come with different lighting effects. Some provide a steady glow; others have flashing effects while some are dimmer. If looking for twinkling outdoor lights, you’ll still get them in the market today. Some patio lights come with a remote control enabling you to control various lighting effects.

4. Weather Resistance

Exterior patio lights will always get exposed to harsh climatic conditions from the time you hang them up. You have to ensure that the lights you get are weather resistant and can, as a result, withstand all harsh temperatures, wind, and rain as well.

5. Durability

Be sure to get long-lasting patio lights to avoid inconveniences. You also don’t want to spend your money on lights that get damaged a few days or months down the line.


These are the numerous ways that can be used to illuminate and spice up your outdoor space. Do you have more ideas that can be implemented for a much better-lighted patio?

Feel free to share your hacks with me on the comment section below, learning never stops, so let’s explore! 

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