How To Block Wind In Your Patio

How to Block Wind in Your Patio

The backyard is like a little haven where most people enjoy spending some if not most of their time. But imagine having your nice breakfast reminiscing the good times, and suddenly a strong wind sweeps away your towels, newspapers, and all your knick-knacks.

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Annoying right? Well, the only solution for this is to come up with ways that can help you block wind from getting into your space and invading your peace. 

But before you get to work, there are few things you need to put into consideration.

First, the type of windbreak/block you choose will majorly depend on the strength of wind your area experiences. 

If you experience strong winds, then go for methods which will suit this kind of weather, but if the wind is mild, choose what suits best.

Besides, you need to consider the kind of home you live in. It’s not wise to invest a long term project to a rented house, choose what will serve you well during your period of stay.

 Undoubtedly, this blog will guide you into making the perfect decision in choosing the means to block wind in your patio. So let’s explore the various practical ways you can invest and implement in your patio. 

1. Shrubs

This is a natural and effective buffer to protect your patio from the mild wind. Having evergreen shrubs is much better because they don’t lose their foliage even through winter.

Shrubs work by redirecting wind away from hitting your patio. Their aesthetic feature will make your patio look lively, cleaner, and more beautiful.

To maintain the life and beauty of your patio, always provide regular upkeep to shrubs by watering and pruning when necessary. 

2. Trees

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This is yet another natural and effective way that can be used to block strong winds from your patio. Depending on your space, you can plant numerous rows of trees like pines, whispering flame, spruce, or conifers based on your taste and preferences.

These trees can be planted a few meters away from your shrubs to maintain a design and act as barriers or shield from an incoming gust of wind.

Not only will these trees beautify your patio, but they will also invite a whole host of flora and fauna.

Planting trees require patience as they will take time to grow and mature. But it has many advantages than any other.

 They will be your long term solution, always calming down your outdoor space and providing shades on those hot summer days.

Unlike shrubs, trees have little to no maintenance at all. But you have to be ready to do the clean up when they shade their leaves, especially in autumn.

3. Trellises

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Trellis is yet another great option to block wind in your patio as it incorporates other natural components of the landscape like the ivy plant.

 It provides a subtle blockage against the wind and, at the same time, gives a sense of a beautiful protection in your patio. 

Ivy plant requires minimal upkeep and will naturally weave itself through the crosshatch of the trellis.

 This will be the best consideration most, especially if you don’t have time to maintain. Trellis is perfect for areas experiencing mild wind and within a small patio. 

4. Bamboo Screen Fencing

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Bamboo screens will not only block wind from getting into your patio but also give your space some privacy. They are naturally beautiful so that it will decorate and fence your patio at a low cost.

They require quite some experience to install so I would advise you to invite an expert to do the work for you. They will require minimal to no upkeep after they have been installed.

5. Bamboo Screens Balcony

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This can be a DIY that can easily be achieved at home. The primary material is bamboo sticks. You need to stain the wood, and let it dry for some time.

Later frame the sticks with thin wood strips. Use hooks and brackets to attach the screen on the porch. You will have an awesome backyard at a little cost.

6. Patio Blinds

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It’s also called roller awnings. This will serve well in areas experiencing mild winds. They are flexible and, therefore, can be easily adjusted to different levels depending on the need. 

These blinds are installed along the roof of a porch, which can be easily pulled down and lifted when need be.

They can be made from different materials which can provide a partial or full block to the wind. 

The added advantage is that it can also be used as a shield to protect you from direct sunlight. They are made with ties and hooks at the bottom, which help in anchoring down against gust of wind. 

7. Shutters

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This addition can also be a perfect addition to your patio to controlling the wind. 

Shutter comes in a range of materials and colors; therefore, it can easily fit your existing décor.

It has added advantages because the blades can be opened or closed to catch a combination of sun, breeze, and privacy.

8. Patio Panels

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They consist of lightweight sliding vinyl panels and screens which can be fitted into your existing patio.

In times of winds, these panels can be closed to protect and maintain the peace you enjoy in your patio.

It’s also advantageous as the panels can be opened during hot days to allow in the cool breeze.

9. Lattice Panels

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This is an excellent choice for areas experiencing medium winds. Add some plants that will grow within the holes. This will give an additional block, beautify, and add privacy to your patio.

10. Wind Breaker Privacy Screen

This can be a valuable addition to your patio as it will block not only wind but also screen creeping animals and add privacy.

11. Glass Balcony

Windshield glass installation is a more modern way of blocking wind in your balcony. It’s mostly suitable for elevated houses because such can be installed in the living room or bedroom.

It comes in different style, i.e., transparent and cloudy and lasts long, therefore; will not impair your view to the charming buildings and other activities. 

12. Building a Wall

You can as well decide to build a permanent wall along your patio. This will help mostly in areas experiencing strong winds. To maintain the beauty, plant a bed of flowers along this fence.

13. Use Patio Screens

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This screen will not help you block the wind but also prevent insects and animals from getting through your patio.

It’s made of small openings that reduce the wind strength and allow sunlight and air to pass through.  

14. Courtyard Screening

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You can build a wooden screen around your patio and complement it with a few greenery features. Wood screens around your fence will not only control the wind but also give your backyard privacy.

15. Fence Your Patio

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Fences can offer the same strength as hedges will do. If well supported with proper posts, fences can withstand strong winds. You can also add a few flower pots for a more natural and beautiful view.

16. Metal Fencing

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Bumpy metal fencing can be an excellent way to control and block strong winds from your patio.

This piece will add privacy in your space, but to maintain the serenity and fresh air, consider adding plants and other types of flowers.

17. Build a Pergola with a Louvered Roof

Pergolas with a louvered roof system come in handy when you want to control the wind in your patio. This can actually work well in both mild and robust wind areas.  

They are fitted with a wind sensor that opens and closes the slats depending on the wind speed.

You can also build a pergola and fix patio blinds all round, will serve the same purpose of blocking wind as you enjoy your favorite wine in it.

18. Wire Meshed Fence

You can fix rolls of meshed wire around your patio and later grow some plants that will hatch through these wires. For better support, set in poles that will help it to stand firm.

Advantages of Having an Outdoor Wind Blocker

1. Shelter

Having an outdoor wind blocker is not only good for blocking wind but also can be used as a privacy fence to protect your garden or patio from UV rays and provide shade from the sun.

2. Decoration

A fence can instantly add character to a home. When you decided to put wooden fences you can paint them with any color that suits the style of your patio furniture.

3. Privacy

Adding a wind blocker on your patio gives your home privacy and protection from unwanted guests and animals from entering your territory without your permission.

4. Noise

If you want to block unwanted noise from your neighbors such as ongoing construction, a wind blocker can definitely help that as it can act as a sound barrier that keeps unwanted noise out of your backyard or patio making it an ideal place for relaxation.


Before investing in any of these ways to blocking wind in your patio, you first need to consider the time effect. Some projects are long term, while others are short and temporary.

Meaning you can move around with or vacate with if need be. Therefore, only invest in long-term methods like planting trees if you are living in your own house.

 If it’s a rented house, consider using the other temporary ways to block wind in your backyard; after all, we need to enjoy the peace in our space, don’t we! 

I hope these ideas will help you make an informed decision. I would also love to know what helps you block wind in your patio. Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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