Best Ways To Remove Moss From Patio

Best Ways to Get Rid of Moss from Patio

Moss are a type of non-vascular plants. They do not have stems and would take in water directly from the moist land. Because of this, these marsh are able to develop along low and leveled ground since they do not have the supportive network important for an upward development.

In any case, this does not prevent them from growing numerously! Moss can grow in numerous zones that different plants can not. For instance, moss are able to effectively grow on rocks, fallen logs, and zones with no dirt or low-quality soil.

Moss between pathway
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Because of their solid nature, these marsh are regularly early colonizers of uncovered zones. Immediately, they would likely develop there before other, more intricate plants can move in. To add, moss are fantastically normal with over 12,000 of different species discovered everywhere throughout the world, except for saltwater zones.  

Mosses are sometimes used as designs for gardens, or even on patios, as an ornament for aesthetic design. However, on the off chance that you have moss developing on your pathways and driveways; they tend to be both outwardly unappealing and slipping or stumbling danger. Except if you happen to be going for a provincial, old-world look, you should probably need to dispose the moss as quickly as time permits.

If you are those who would want to remove these marsh from your patios, here are some of the best natural, practical, and even chemical ways on taking them away.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Moss from your Patio

1. Direct Sunlight

The simplest, most affordable and most common approach to dispose of moss is to open it to daylight. You should take note to remove the things that can possibly block the mold from getting direct sunlight. For instances, like vehicles, patio furniture and prune close by trees and bushes.

Direct Sunlight
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Moss does not develop in sun-doused, dry zones, so this might be the best solution you will ever need.

2. Repair Leaks and Adjust Irrigation

Moss could be a warning too, and it is for you to check if there could be broken pipes or leaked underground irrigation. Even in direct sunlight, moss does not easily dry out if this problem occurs.

Broken Pipes

If you are having this problem, the first thing you need is to shut off your water supply. When this is done, turn on the spigot at the absolute from the funnel to deplete any excess water, and assuage any weight.

Clear off the damaged part of the funnel and wipe it dry. If it is hard for you to do it, call for a plumber to fix it. If you prolong it, it will cause serious problems.

3. Boiling Water

Sometimes, it is hard to remove moss in path walk cracks even if you direct it to the sun. Now it is easier to remove it by pouring boiling water between the cracks.

Boiling Water
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This is a better natural option because it would not affect nearby plants. Boiling water is also good with stone walkways and patio furniture; following it with a scrub using a brush, or a stiff broom.

4. Vinegar

Before you move on to a chemical-based solution, try vinegar as an alternate solution. Vinegar is a good natural option for removing moss in your patio. You will notice that natural options are recommended to be repeated often to achieve your expected outcome. You may also notice that vinegar is not that strong to fix your moss issue.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Of course, you will not pour pure vinegar directly to the moss. Treat your moss with this natural option should be a dilution of saturated vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You should intend to concentrate the area with vinegar. However, prevent any of the solution from spilling off towards the leaves of plants nearby.

If the mixture of the solution is good, you can leave it in about 15 minutes. Then, you scrub it using a brush or a stiff broom. After that, you can wash the area where you sprayed the solution with water, if necessary.

5. Power Washing

You can also try power washing, but this is quite expensive and needs a lot of water. On the plus side, it can also wash away the paver stones in the process. In addiction to this, you should try to seal and scrub your paver stones. This is well known to be effective in restoring the original looks of your paver stones as well as other ornaments.

Power washing

6. Baking Soda

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Before using a strong chemical solution to remove moss, why not try baking soda; as it is a mild natural option effective in removing moss. You can eliminate moss by sprinkling baking soda over them and leave them overnight. The paver stones are scrubbed the next morning to take away the marsh and rinsed with water to completely wash-down the residual.

7. Bleach

If the moss was not removed by baking soda, you can start using a tougher chemical solution like bleach; however, make sure that no children are playing around the walkways.

Clorox Ultra Clorox Germicidal Bleach

This process is being done by the following procedures:

  1. First, make a solution by diluting concentrated bleach with water like 1:10 (40% of bleach in 60% of water).
  2. Afterwards, place the prepared solution in a spray bottle, then spray the diluted solution over the moss.
  3. Next, leave the solution for at least 15 minutes or even more before vigorously brushing the area.
  4. Lastly, rinse the area with water to remove the marsh completely.

The bleach is readily available from your laundry area or in the store. To add, it is also advised to always wear goggles or eye wear, laundry gloves, and apron before applying the chemical reagents. These are important to protect your eyes, hands, and body from the harmful effects of that solution.

8. Commercial Moss Killers

When nothing else may seem to work, it is time to run towards the tougher chemical way of removing these marsh. Moss killers are chemically engineered for removing moss and they do it quickly and reliably. However, you should always be cautious as some may be carcinogenic and may contain irritants.

Here are some commercial moss killers that are available online.


All or some of these methods may work. To add, the effectiveness of these methods may also depend on situations such as; how much moss you are dealing with, or what type of moss may be present.

When all else fails, you should contact a garden expert to take the problem off your shoulders. Essentially, with dedication and hard work, you would soon off have a moss free patio.

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