Best Waterproof Rugs For Patio

Best Waterproof Rugs for Patio: Reviews & Buying Guide

A good patio rug will have you staring at the ground longer than you should. However, the best patio rugs will have you considering living in your patio. It is not a bad idea to live in your patio. But it is a bad idea to live in your patio with a rug that will get wet when it rains. If you get one of the best waterproof rugs for patio discussed below, this can change.

5 Best-Selling Waterproof Rugs for Patio

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Waterproof Rugs for Patio

1. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Waterproof AllSeason ( Doormats, Easy Clean Patio Entry Mat, Latte Quatrefoil)
Product Highlights:
  • heavy duty all weather doormat: the gorilla grip weathermax doormat is durably designed to withstand all weather conditions, from snow and rain to mud and sand; the all season mat features deep grooves that help capture moisture, dirt and debris
  • absorbs moisture and dirt: strong, rubber beveled border helps to form a retention dam to capture moisture, mud or other messy unwanted debris from tracking into your home; the slightly raised polypropylene fabric helps to trap dirt within its patterned grooves and dries quickly
  • textured rubber backing: constructed with a durable textured rubber backing
  • stain and fade resistant: stain and fade resistant topside for long lasting use both inside and outside your home
  • durable for high traffic areas: ultra strong for high traffic areas and busy homes; .25 inch slim low profile design is ideal for low clearing doors or entryways; mat measures 47 by 35 inches

The Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat is not the usual doormat. This product is all-natural and unlike rubber door mats made from recycled materials. It measures 47” x 35” and has a sleek design.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Resistant to mud stains.
  • Made with natural rubber.

2. Reversible Mats 119127 Outdoor Patio Camping Mat

Stylish Camping 119127 9feet ( Backyard, Picnic, Beach, Camping (Brown/Beige))
Product Highlights:
  • breathable material won’t damage grass. surface type-brick, concrete, hardwood surface, laminate, pavers, stone, vinyl
  • uv coated to protect against fading and other sun damage
  • soft and durable virgin polypropylene material
  • easy to clean and dries quickly —sweep away dirt or spray clean with water
  • lightweight and compact - folds for easy storage into included carrying bag

Next on our list is the Reversible Mats 119127 Outdoor Patio Mat. This product comes in 6 colors and 6 different sizes. You also have the option of getting just the camping mat or the camping + rug stakes. All colors are well-designed, durable, and easy to clean. The rug is lightweight and you get a carry bag with the package that makes traveling with your rug easy.

Key Features:

  • Made with 100% virgin polypropylene.
  • UV-coated.
  • Lightweight.

3. SlipToGrip Universal Gray Door Mat with DuraLoop

SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat ( -Rug For Garage, Patio, Front Door, Dust Absorbent)
Product Highlights:
  • copyright design - universal door mat with dura loop: exclusive plaid design that looks great in any house. for use on a patio, in a garage, laundry room, entryway, and anywhere there is high traffic from outside.
  • anti-slip & durable - xl size 42" by 35" mat mesh captures dirt and debris. provides cushion and non-slippery quality.
  • weatherproof surface - mats are waterproof and moisture resistant. inside door mat or outside door mat.
  • easy to wash - pvc material - spray water through soft polypropylene fiber and the mat will be all clean and dust-free
  • phthalate & bpa free: highest quality outdoor / indoor mats, capturing dirt despite of using it for hours. if necessary, to remove any creases in these types of mats, you simply need to place them in the dryer for about 5 minutes on high heat and it flattens them out immediately, if wrinkled or creased during shipping

The SlipToGrip Gray Door Mat with DuraLoop has a unique design – this design is even copyrighted. This mat can be used indoors and outdoors; with it being waterproof, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged due to water. The underside of the mat has a layer of poly mesh and this offers anti-slip properties. The poly-mesh also provides cushion – the feeling is different when you step on this rug.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive design.
  • Can be cleaned in a dryer.
  • Waterproof.

4. Amagabeli Waterproof Rug for Patio

Amagabeli Large Outdoor Door ( Garage High Traffic Areas Indoor Waterproof Rug475)
Product Highlights:
  • super heavy duty durable mats: this heavy duty doormat rug size is 18in x 30in, 2/5 inch thick, while most other door mats are lightweight and 1/4 thick. our doormat rug is made of polypropylene fabric so that the door mat is perfect for capture mud and dust, so this doormat can be called as a mud scraper to use. our doormat rug has a special pattern which absorb moisture and dirt easily.
  • fast drying material: the durable doormat dry quickly after rain or snow. our door mat is designed to be durable and strong, heavy duty large and long door mats entrance durable rug carpet widely used for all weather outdoor front door, exterior patio entry way, porch door, garage, garden, winter, commercial deal with high traffic inside and outside.
  • non-slip & 100% natural rubber backing: the outdoor doormat comes with already build in non-skid rug runner pad mat with natural rubber back for maximum grip to avoid you to skid while you walk and protect your floor to help prevent every day wear and tear. while most door mats are made of various recycled materials, our doormat is made of 100% natural rubber.
  • easy to clean & scrap dirt: simply vacuum with a hand-held vacuum, sweep with a broom or use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoor, our outside doormat is designed with the rubber border that helps to form a retention dam to trap moisture, mud, dirt, dust, grit and absorb moisture from shoes.
  • customer care: we are dedicated to provide premium products for you and offer impeccable customer care to you. if you have any issue, please contact us through amazon return window and we will give you a satisfied solution within 24 hours and without any loss.

The Amagabeli Waterproof Rugs for Patio is weather-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This rug sticks to the floor and is non-slip. It is durable and made of polyester fiber. The surface is well-designed and the texture is tender to your feet. The product is offered in 2 sizes and 5 colors including brown, dark brown, and 2 pack grey.

Key Features:

  • Anti-slip feature.
  • Soft texture.
  • Easy to clean.

5. Cosyearn Large Door Mats Entryway Rug

Cosyearn Large Door Mats46x35 ( Rug,Front Doormat Inside Outside Non Slip (Grey))
Product Highlights:
  • large outdoor/indoor mat, the mat is 46 inch long x 35 inch wide, large and long door mats entrance durable rug carpet widely used for all weather outdoor indoor front door, exterior patio entry way, porch door, garage, garden, winter, commercial deal with high traffic inside and outside. this set serves as carpet protection for any high traffic entryway, whether its your garage interior, patio exterior, laundry room, or backdoor.
  • easy to clean, vacuum or shake off excess litter, spot clean with a damp cloth; wash in warm water, using soap, and air dry, spray down with a nozzle on a garden hose or brush this washable door mat.the creases generated during packaging or transportation, you only need to put them in the high temperature dryer for 5 minutes, they will become flat immediately.
  • durable and non-slip, soft and durable material provides cushioning and prevents slippage. a thickness of 0.4 inches provides space for opening the door.deep grooves and high quality mesh better capture dirt on muddy shoes and claws.
  • phthalate and bpa free,it is made by high quality enviromental pvc material, holds up against the toughest of weather conditions, dries quickly, and does not fade. these features make it perfect as a boot mat, shoe mat, entry mat, entrance mat, indoor mat.
  • money back guarantee.if you have any not satisfied with our products, please contact us, we must resolve to your satisfaction, this is our first priority, at the same time we also have unconditional money back guarantee policy.

Cosyearn Large Door Entryway Rug measures 46” x 35” and can be used indoors and outdoors. You will not fall for this rug, the underside has a layer of an anti-slip material – but you will love it. The product measures 0.4” in thickness which provides extra cushion. You can clean this by shaking the dirt off, vacuuming or spot cleaning.  

Key Features:

  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Cushioned.
  • Dirt capturing.

Buying Guide

Now that we have established your need for an outdoor waterproof rug for patio, we cannot just leave you hanging. We have to let you know what to look out for when you head out to get yours. In the following paragraphs, we discuss some features that make the best outdoor waterproof rugs for patio.

1. Size and Shape

You should certainly consider the size of your rug before you get it. A rug smaller than it is needed to be would be inefficient in its functions. While a rug that is too large for the space it is meant for will look off.

The size of your table and other furniture determines the size & shape of the rug you should get. Smaller tables would go well with round and small rugs. Round rugs would work well as a center rug – something between 2 or more patio benches. Larger tables with furniture would work well with large rectangular rugs. 

2. Design

The design of your rug is dependent on the outlook of your patio or any other space you intend to use the rug in. The design of your hammock chair, your table, and the floor of your patio is essential to the design you choose.

Furniture made of natural wood will go well with brown, red, or orange rugs. Rugs with a striped color pattern would go well with furniture and floors with solid colors.

3. Cleaning

You do not want to exert so much energy cleaning your rug. Your rug should be a leisure material, not a torture material. So cleaning should be as easy as possible. Rugs that can be cleaned by shaking them off, vacuuming or spot cleaning are relatively easier than other types.

4. Good Grip and Anti-Slip

A good grip is essential to how well your rugs clean shoes, slippers, and other footwear worn on it. A good grip is also important to avoid dust or debris trailing. The grip of your rug is dependent on the material used in making the rug and the texture.

The texture of your patio rug also matters to the sole of your feet when you place your bare feet on the rug. A text too rough may not be comfortable and a text too smooth may be bland.

Rugs with anti-slip layers beneath them help prevent slipping and the consequent falling. You should ensure to look out for a rug with a good grip and an anti-slip feature.

Frequently Asked Question

Will my waterproof patio rug get wet when it rains?

Most waterproof rugs will not get wet or will get slightly wet. Even when they get slightly wet, they dry quickly.

Can I adjust the size of my rug?

The edges of most rugs are finished. If you try to adjust them by cutting, the structure will lose its beauty and woven pieces of the rug may fall apart.

How can I improve the grip of my rug?

You can improve the grip of your rug and even make it anti-slip by buying a rug pad. Placing a rug pad beneath your rug improves grip, reduces the risk of slipping, and serves as a cushion.

Is my rug safe from my pet?

This depends on the behavior of your pet. If your pet loves chewing and scratching, you may have to watch your rug around such a pet.

Is my waterproof patio rug fire-resistant?

You may have to check on the pack or contact the manufacturer to confirm this.

How should I care for my patio rug?

To ensure that your patio rug is clean most times, clean regularly. Vacuum, dust, and spot clean the rug regularly.


Waterproof rugs for patio are a good addition to your patio – not just because of the water-resistance they offer. They offer comfort to your feet and color to the ambiance of your patio. Your patio is a whole lot more different and attractive with one of the best outdoor waterproof rugs for patio on the floor.

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