Best Rope Swing Seat Buying Guide And Faqs

Best Rope Swing Seat (Buying Guide and FAQs)

Outdoor swing sets are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, capacities and materials. The swing seat you choose is dependent on a range of factors. But a few things cut across the board; durability of the materials, the size of the swing seat and the weight capacity. Here are some insights on how to choose the best rope swing seat.

5 Best-Selling Rope Swing Seat

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Rope Swing Seat

1. Squirrel Outdoor Heavy Duty Plastic Disc Seat Swing Set

Squirrel Products Heavy Duty ( DIY Addition To Playset Or Tree)
Product Highlights:
  • disc swing with rope: the heavy-duty disc swing is designed to be added to a swing set, jungle gym, or other outdoor playset. your children will love this classic playset addition. (always follows astm safety guidelines for a safe location when installing!)
  • outdoor fun: swinging is the most popular activity for any outdoor playground or jungle gym! complete or update your current backyard swing set with this heavy-duty disc swing from squirrel products.
  • durable and dependable: made of high-quality materials to ensure hours of fun and years of play. rated to hold up to 150 pounds. a swing seat for kids of all ages!
  • outside activities made simple: includes one disc swing seat attached to a 6.5 foot long braided nylon rope with metal ring. easy do it yourself installation for quick backyard fun.
  • this product is intended for single family residential use only. not intended for commercial, daycare, apartment complex, or multiple dwelling unit development

This outdoor play equipment comes with a heavy duty plastic disc swing seat that can be used on its own or added to outdoor play sets such as a jungle gym.  This highly rated swing is 12 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches thick and is recommended for children who are at least 3 years old. It is made of heavy duty plastic and a 78 inches long rope for outdoor play time.

Key Features:

  • East to install – it comes with metal rings for easy attachment
  • High density polyethylene disc seat and nylon braided rope for durability
  • Strong enough to hold up to 150 lbs

2. Pellor Outdoor Rope Wood Tree Swing Seat

Pellor Wood Tree Swing ( Children Adult Kids 17.7x7.9x0.6 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • indoor&outdoor wood tree swing:our wood tree swing designed with a non - slip ridged seat & raised sides.120cm - 180cm adjustable rope,galvanized metal rings and fitting also can be hung from a tree branch or a beam.brightly coloured wooden swing seat for adult and children offers fun,quality and great value.
  • high quality:natural wooden material provides you with security and comfort.painting on the surface of the wood swing seat can protect it from moldy before you play outside.the wood tree swing with 180cm adjustable rope galvanized metal ring and accessories,easily be hung on the branch or beam.max load weight:100kg,seat size:45x20x1.6cm/17.7x7.9x0.6 inch,big swing chair seat fit for children and is very security for you and your family.
  • enjoy childhood with your family: pellor wood swing is the perfect choice to satisfy your inner playful self! suitable for both average adults and kids,take a ride on our outdoor adult swings within your home or playground,and enjoy the surrounding outdoor breeze and carefree feeling of childhood!
  • easy install:the tree swing no hardware tools required to install this swing sets,very easy install!first,choose the branches of a sturdy hardwood tree - oaks are ideal! avoid fruit trees,evergreens,or trees that split easily.then,tie the rope or the straps in the hanging kit around the tree branch and adjust to your desired angle,done! such a great fun to your backyard !
  • satisfactory service:we are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied.if you have any problem during the use, not satisfied with our products or services please contact us by email first time,we will try our best to offer you with satisfactory and friendly service.

If you are looking for an outdoor tree swing seat that is suitable for adults and children, this highly rated Pellor set is worth consideration. This wooden swing features a non-slip ridged seat with slightly raised sides. It comes with 120cm to 180 cm long rope that is easy to adjust when setting up the swing.

Key Features:

  • Beech wood seat that can hold up to 220 lbs
  • Suitable for children who are 3 years and above
  • Easy to install – comes with galvanized metal rings and accessories

3. Swurfer Maple Wood Disc Swing with Heavy Duty Braided Rope

Swurfer Swift Maple ( Swing With Heavy Duty Braided Rope, Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • premium quality maple wood disc swing: the swurfer swift wooden disc swing is a new take on a classic disc swing that is redesigned for more comfort and fun. made from 100 percent rock hard maple with a smooth finish to blend in with the natural surroundings.
  • innovative design - unlike other disc rope swings made of flat, round and uncomfortable plastic, swurfer swift’s unique, curved shape is engineered for more comfort, stability, and a wider range of motion. the swift disc swing board size is 10.25 inch depth x 18 inch width x 2.25 inch height
  • easy installation - sets up in minutes; each swurfer swift rope disc swing for kids comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions and all necessary components. your kids will be swinging in no time.
  • lets hang out: hang out in your backyard or branch out and take your swurfer swift swing with you on your next hiking, camping, picnic or road trip. hang from some sweet soar spots. includes enough rope to hang from up to 10 feet high. you can hang the swurfer swift disc rope swing from your tree and even from a swingset.
  • specifications - board measures 10.25 inch depth x 18 inch width x 2.25 inch height; includes ¾ inch heavy duty - soft braided rope; supports up to 150 pounds.

Made with premium quality rock hard maple wood, this highly rated swing seat can hold up to 150 lbs. The seat features a curved design for comfort, stability and wider motion range. This swing set is suitable for children who are at least 4 year old.

Key Features:

  • Maple wood and heavy duty Mildew and UV resistant braided rope for long term outdoor play
  • Easy to install – comes with simple and clear instructions and all the necessary accessories
  • Strong, sturdy, comfortable and can hold up to 150 lbs

4. Squirrel Heavy Duty Plastic Swing Seat With Rope

Squirrel Products Plastic Swing ( With Rope - Pink)
Product Highlights:
  • swing seat: squirrel products presents this pink plastic swing seat with rope! attach this swing to any playset. it's the perfect way to get children to play outside and be active!
  • diy installation: let kids swing on any playground! the ropes are adjustable from 48"-78", and the molded swing seat are a great alternative to sling style swings. comes with carabiners for easy do it yourself installation!
  • great equipment: children love playsets! make your jungle gym extra cool by adding some high quality swing additions and replacements. this seat and rope set is built to endure for years to come.
  • outdoor play: with swing set attachments, you can encourage boys and girls, however many years old, to play outside. hang this swing on a tree, swing set, or porch. let youth swing in the yard!
  • fun for all: our toys and sporting goods are modernized versions of popular, best selling classics, with improved safety and play functionality. our products are made with your child in mind.

If you are looking for a 5 star rated outdoor play seat, this Squirrel set is a perfect choice. With 6 to 8 feet long rope, this swing seat is perfect for varying situations, including being a part of an outdoor jungle gym. It can hold up to 220 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty plastic seat with curved edges for durability and comfort
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories and instructions for easy installation
  • Sturdy, holds up to 220 lbs

5. Pacearth Tree Swing Flying Sear with Adjustable Multi-Strand Ropes

PACEARTH 40 Inch Saucer ( Colorful Safe And Durable Swing Seat For Children)
Product Highlights:
  • 【900d oxford fabric】pacearth 40" flying saucer tree swing has greater support (660 lbs) than other 600d oxford fabric kids swings. its seat has a longer life with anti-aging features and is softer, more wearable & ductile. it's uv-resistance tested and meets all safety requirements with quality engineering.
  • 【braided ropes upgraded】unlike other common ropes, pacearth kids swing’s ropes have been upgraded to multiple-strand braided ropes, with the weight capacity up to 660 lbs, higher than others'. our saucer swing ropes secure your joyful swinging at any time.
  • 【hanging accessories included】the tree swings for kids outdoor includes two reinforced swing straps and heavy-duty galvanized locking carabiners that allow you to hang the saucer round swing on a tree limb (4”-5” diameter preferably) securely and easily. please follow the printed user manual for safe installation.
  • 【pool noodled frame】the high-quality iron frame is padded with soft foam tubes which are comfortable and safe for children. the tubes can be connected and balanced easily by the provided eyebolts on the ropes, with all the assembling accessories included in the package. our saucer tree swing is a nice gift for your kids and friends.
  • 【kids love it】this outdoor play equipment is a fantastic and funny gift for children on birthdays, holidays, weekends, or other occasions. your kids or grandchildren will sure have fun and spend their leisure time on this saucer tree swing. they can sit or lay on the large circle swing seat with their legs swaying happily in the backyard or public park. and, it is also an ideal choice for autistic kids to play indoors and make them feel relaxed.

This highly rated 40 inches diameter flying saucer tree swing can hold up to 660lb! This flying saucer is made to support several children at a go. You can hang it on a tree limb or beam with a pair of swing straps and climbing carabiners.

Key Features:

  • 40 inches diameter saucer seat, 660 lbs weight capacity for team play time
  • Safe, durable, colorful outdoor swing set for adults and children above 3 years
  • Multiple braided ropes, 990D oxford fabric, galvanized carabiners for long term outdoor use

Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect rope swing seat for outdoor playtime is easy. For starters, the area where you wish to install the swing, and the age of the intended players heavily dictate the type and style of swing to get. Let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider when picking out the perfect rope swing seat for outdoor fun.

1. The Age of the Children In Question

Most rope swing sets are meant for children who are at least 3 years old. There are some designs that allow a younger child to swing with an adult. Some swing sets allow one child at a time while others allow several at a go.

2. Safety Features of the Rope Swing Seat

Look at the materials that make the swing seat. The material (the seat, the rope and construction) should be sturdy enough to safely hold the weight capacity indicated on the product description. The material should also be non-toxic and the set should not have any features that could be construed as child hazards.

3. Ease of Installation

The rope swing seat should be accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, the set should come with all the relevant accessories and inputs. Most swing sets are easy to put up; you only need a beam or tree branch and you’ll be good to play!

Most swing sets come with adjustable ropes. This means that you can have it as high or low as you prefer. This feature is especially useful when making the seat comfortable for children based on their age.

4. Durability of the Rope Swing Seat

Most swings come with woven polyethylene ropes. This means that the braided rope will not become undone or break while in use. Additionally, polyethylene is weatherproof, which makes it perfect for long term outdoor use.

The most commonly used materials for making the seat are plastic, oxford fabric and treated hard wood. These materials have a few things in common, top on the list being that they are durable and are not affected by tough weather. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain.

5. The Weight Capacity of the Rope Swing Seat

Swing sets are available in varying weight capacities. While most swing seats that are meant for children can hold 150 lbs., there are others that can hold up to 220 lbs. Swing seats that are made to hold several children at a go can have weight capacity of above 600lbs!

The weight capacity gives you the maximum weight that the set can hold while in motion and still be safely secured. If you are planning on having some fun yourself, it is best that you choose a rope swing seat whose weight capacity is high enough to accommodate you and your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hang my rope swing seat from a tree?

Yes, as long as the straps that you have can adequately go round the tree trump and still be long enough for your purposes. It is not advisable to hang a swing seat from a fruit tree or any other brittle beam. Be sure to hang your swing on something that can hold the weight without breaking.

What do I do if I do not have a tree?

You can hang the swing seat on any sturdy beam. You can also make good use of a swing set frame or jungle gym. You can also hang your swing seat underneath a deck or any other strong, secure place where there is enough room for fun.

Can I use a previously owned rope?

Yes you can, as long as it is sturdy enough for outdoor use and can withstand the weight while in use. Each swing set comes with a rope and seat that can comfortably accommodate the weight capacity indicated. If any changes are made to the set, the replacements should be as strong as the original set components.

What do I do if I need longer ropes than those provided?

You can order the rope you need online. However, the rope you buy separately must have an equal or higher weight capacity. This is essential in maintaining the safety of the rope swing seat.

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