Best Patio Potty For Dogs

5 Best Patio Potty for Dogs

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your dog locate the puppy convenience on his or her own without your constant supervision? Often time you may be tasked with taking your k9 friend out for urination and when canines age, urinary incontinence may set it. This is why it is necessary to plan for these events. Apart from a home bucket for pets, it would be wise to own a patio potty that would not only appeal to your dog but would allow him or her to use the patio conveniently as often as they want.

5 Best-Selling Patio Potty for Dogs

If you require the absolute best patio potty that would play a significant role in house-training your furry friends then you have to pay attention to certain details. What can a patio potty do for you, besides what its name vaguely implies? We have a shortlist of some of our personal favorite patio potty layouts that you should consider based on their effectiveness, convenience, durability, aesthetics, and usability. The more outlandish they are the better.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Patio Potty for Dogs

1. Sandinrayli Patio Grass Dog Potty

Sandinrayli Indoor Outdoor Dog ( For Small Cats And Dogs 25"x20")
Product Highlights:
  • 🐶[potty training]: this grass turf is an excellent alternative to puppy pads, which is especially for your small or medium sized dog’s potty training. great for those who want to train dogs to pee indoor.
  • 🐶[grass rug]: design with natural grass appearance, this dog potty train mat panders to the instinct for dogs to pee on the grass. other than that, the grass mat can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • 🐶[grid tray with drawer]: the bottom grid tray with ridges design captures and leads the liquid down into the collecting box through the drainage hole. it is worth mentioning that the retractable collecting box has large capacity of 2 qt.
  • 🐶[indoor & outdoor use]: not only is this artificial grass mat perfect to use in your apartment, but also suitable for patio, sunroom or balcony. in addition to be a dog’s potty trainer, it also can be used as a doormat.
  • 🐶[unique design]this grass mat allows your puppy to use it without training. the liquid seeps through the grass mat and runs down to the grid tray, which prevents it from gathering on the mat and causing bad smells and wet paws. the bottom grid tray with ridges design captures and leads the liquid down into the collecting box through the drainage hole.

Training your dog to pee on the patio potty has never been easier. The Sandinrayli grass turf provides a comfy little space for small to medium dogs. The natural grassy appearance appeals to canine instinct and is very easy to wipe clean after use.  The bottom has a retractable collection box where all the waste liquid is collected, making it easy to dispose of without troubling your pet. Very little training required for this grassy pup convenience.

2. PetSafe Portable & Comfy Pet Loo

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable ( To Puppy Pads, Large)
Product Highlights:
  • peace of mind: great for working pet parents or those that live in apartments and want to train the dog to use the restroom indoor
  • less odor: the covered waste bin and wee sponge powder work together to trap smells and help keep the potty odor-free. made of pet- polyethylene terephthalate plastic.
  • convenient clean-up: the pee-pod slides out of the base and the wee sponge powder turns the urine into a gel on contact to easily dispose of the waste
  • easy-to-clean grass mat: synthetic grass mat can be easily cleaned with water; simply remove from the base and rinse
  • perfect for small spaces: the pet loo is great for smaller spaces such as rv’s, campers, apartments and patios

Petsafe provides a ton of great advantages to pet owners; the first being peace of mind. You can rest assured that your pet is well acquainted with his or her outdoor loo, even when you are out for work. the pet loo is easy to clean up, the grassy mat is very safe and comfortable for dogs, and it doesn’t require a lot of space. It is made of polyethylene Terephthalate plastic and neutralizes odor.

3. NUFR Doormat Style Faux Grass Potty

Jltkj 4724inx315in Dog Grass ( Trainer Indoor Outdoor Rug Patio Lawn)
Product Highlights:
  • looks & feels real: made of premium pe materials present the appearance of real and lushness grass. the turf is so soft to the touch that pets will be hard to distinguish it from real grass. turf mat is safe on even the most sensitive pet paws.
  • rapid flow drainage: constructed with a highly-drainable backing material to maximize draining capacity, with drainage holes to help urine and clear water wee away quickly, and the porous grass avoids wet paws after the dog use. avoid any mess for potty time.
  • multi-uses: our grass mat can be placed anywhere you like. it has many uses beyond pet potty training. use it as a mud mat to collect dirt before it gets tracked into your house. put it in your pet’s cage to make them feel more comfortable.
  • reusable- the artificial grass mats are meant to be reused over and over so you can save money and prevent waste that disposable pads create. these replacement grasses look and feel like grass, allowing your pet to experience the joy of being outdoors.
  • pet training: perfect for owners that work long hours or live in apartments and want to potty train their pets. this bathroom mat uncomplicates the process by offering a spot for your pets to relieve themselves indoors.

Dogs simply cannot get enough of doormats, so this naturally appealing NUFR doormat-style grassy loo is one patio potty where you will always find your dog without any potty training. It looks and feels like actual vegetation and has rapid drainage that takes away the wetness from the surface level. It is perfectly safe for all pets. You can place this visually appealing mat anywhere and it would look stunning and a great addition to your home aesthetic.

4. Artificial Interlocking Grass Turf

ZEGNEER Interlocking Artificial Grass ( Patio House Decoration Balcony (Light Green))
Product Highlights:
  • [environment friendly] the green blade is comprised of a polyethylene material. 100% non-toxic, odorless and harmful chemical. synthetic grasses do not require lawn mowers and use less water. it is as safe and reliable as natural grass.
  • [interlocking puzzle tiles] four-sided interlocking system. no need additional adhesive or tools and can be done freehand. it can be assembled according to the size of the area you want. easily expand with additional tiles as your space grows. support indoor and outdoor use.
  • [easy to clean, sheer durability] self-draining system. drainage holes on the back provides for instantaneous and immediate drainage of the turf itself. liquids do not need to travel along the grass until a drainage hole is found.
  • [realistic grass look] beautify your concrete slab easily with these tiles. realistically imitating the natural lawn gives you a soft, thick feel that makes you feel like you are actually touching the grass. it will never wither like natural grass, giving you year-round green and lawn enjoyment.
  • [guaranteed quality] we guarantee good quality and promise 12 month warranty. if you have any questions, please contact us and reply within 24 hours.

Now, here’s a great idea, why own a single unit of potty grass when you can create an interlocking of series of grass. Improve your external home décor with Artificial Interlocking odor-free synthetic grass, while providing your pet with more space to play and handle their business any time of the day. The material is made of 100% polyethylene, and non-toxic. It is easy to clean and durable.

5. Artificial Potty Training Grass Patch

Grass Pad For Dogs ( Fake Grass For Dog Indoor Outdoor Use(1 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • ✅【large astroturf for dogs】39.3x31.5 inches turf grass makes sure your dogs have enough room to be able to move around or do their business. the dog pee grass pad makes it easy to teach your pet to "go potty". the artificial grass for dogs potty can save your time and provide your dog with the easy and comfort of not having to walk in inclement weather.
  • ✅【strong absorbency】our strong absorbent astro turf grass for pets add 63 drainage holes, every 10cm to maximize drainage and then prevent messy buildup. in this case, you don't have to worry about your dog's paws getting the crate or floor wet and dirty.
  • ✅【soft & natural grass】our fake grass for dogs is made with non-toxic polypropylene material with 4 tones blades, are soft, and lush under your pup's paws. dog grass pee pad outdoor is more realistic than other all-green turf grasses. with its natural appearance, no dog will shy away from it!
  • ✅【easy to clean】this easy-to-clean dog turf pad has plenty of urine drainage holes to allow for rapid drainage. also, the mess can be easily hosed off with mild soap and warm water in seconds but also required less maintenance than natural grass.
  • ✅【great potty option】our large pet artificial grass is perfect for apartments, backyards, bathroom, balconies or patio and is suitable for small breeds or medium to large dogs. multiple scenarios are available to meet your every need.

The lengthy Artificial Potty Training Grass Patch is awesome for home décor as it is for potty training your pet. Dogs are attracted to the natural and realistic look of synthetic turf. It is spacious and suitable for medium and big dogs.  You don’t have to worry about your dog getting wet paws because the liquid waste is absorbed and stored under. The jumbo turf is roomy, easy to clean, and appealing to just about any dog breed.

Buying Guide

Why do you need a patio potty? Here are a few solid reasons:

1. Your Pet Is Unable to Stop Himself From “Going”

Bowel or urinary incontinence is a medical condition that makes canines unable to control the urge to either defecate or urinate respectively. They may lose control at any time and at any place. Aging is a major factor that causes incontinence. Even though healthy dogs may develop incontinence, it is largely a senior dog illness. The neuromuscular problem may develop as a result of stress, underlying diseases, injuries, and other issues.

2. Your Pet Isn’t Trained Home-toilet Trained

Home training your pet is great, especially when it comes to toilet training. Some dogs are never really able to master the art of using the in-house pet convenience, so accidents could happen once in a while. It is best to opt for an outdoor dog potty that would give you a bit more confidence when you are not at home; your pet already knows what to do.

3. To Keep Your Home Odorless

Unlike humans, dogs appear to defecate and urinate quite frequently and a home potty may seem great because you will always have your pet close to you until the odor of frequent defecation becomes an issue. This is why a patio potty is extremely important. Once your dog is trained to hit the patio potty when they need to poop then you no longer have to worry about odors.

4. Types of Outdoor Potties for Dogs

There are different types of dog potties in the market. It is advantageous to know the types in order to know which one suits your dog best. Here are the 5 types of dog potties.

5. Traditional Litter-box

This is the canine version of a cat litter box. It is essentially a box with walls high enough to box-in the litter. There are no special features for this type of potty.

6. Canine Pee Pads

The pee pad contains a significant amount of fabric or paper, enough to absorb or hold waste. It Is not the most perfect structure for pets as it can get quite messy.

7. Real Grass Pads

Dogs love the feel of real grass as it is natural and resembles the real thing. Canines feel comfortable doing their business here and its odor-neutralizing properties make it the perfect spot for your dog.  The real grass may be significantly more expensive than the other types of patio potty but it has a few characteristics that make it worth every penny: it can be reused and doesn’t require cleaning. It is disposed of after the grass dies out.

8. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is often preferred to real grass because it is stronger, more durable, cheaper, and has a great odor-neutralizing scent. The only setback is that one may need to devote some time in cleaning the artificial grass after use. There is also the bit about training your dog to accept the faux grass as their new “toilet”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dog pee kill real grass?

Yes, it does. Dog pee contains a high amount of nitrogen, salts, and other elements that lead to discoloration and death of plants.

When should you potty train your puppy?

Experts recommend between 12 -16 weeks old. This is because they must have gained control of their bowel and bladder by this age.

How long will it take to teach your dog to use the patio Potty?

According to professional trainers, it may take between 21 to 28 days to teach a dog a new habit, this includes potty usage.

What type of outdoor potty is best for dogs?

This depends on personal preference, but artificial grass is most preferred by dog owners as it is durable, cleanable, and has all the features required. It also makes a perfect resting spot for your dog.

Is a patio potty different from a home potty?

There is no significant difference between a home potty and a patio potty. Rather, the only real difference is the locationof both potties.


A patio potty addresses all the needs of your dog and is conveniently placed to ensure that your home is completely free from odor, or fecal accidents. Our recommended potties are some of the best in the market and are known for their durability and dual-functionalities- certainly worth the money.

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