Best Patio Ice Bucket With Stand Reviews Buying Guide

Best Patio Ice Bucket with Stand : Reviews & Buying Guide

You may love the feeling of the sun when you are in your patio but your drinks do not. Your drinks express their displeasure on your tongue when they are not cold. All drinks have the right to be cold and for this reason, you have to get an ice bucket for your patio. If you do not know which product to get, fear not, we have made a list of 5 of the best patio ice bucket with stand just for you.

5 Best-Selling Patio Ice Bucket with Stand

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Patio Ice Bucket with Stand

1. VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest

VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling ( Beverage Pool With Bottle Opener,Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • 80 quart cooler cart: holds up to 80 quarts (20 gallons) 96 aluminum can, it will be a perfect tool to cool your drinks, such as beer, beverage and juicy.
  • multi directional rolling wheels: 2 caster with lock and 2 caster without lock, move it anywhere or lock to keep it in place. bottom tray for additional storage and two-sided easy access lid.
  • exquisite construction: bottle opener with bottle cap catcher attached to side, two sided access lids with handles easy opening and closing. increase portability
  • keep cool and warm: keep cool for 48hrs and keep warm for 8hrs. convenient rolling cooler is perfect for any outdoor and indoor occasion like a barbeque or backyard party.
  • easy clean and assemble: drain plug removing excess water, for easy cleaning and care. installation without tools.

So, this is a patio ice chest made of stainless steel, something to remain unchanged for a very long time. It can contain as much as 80 quart (20 gallons) and has an extra shelf at the bottom. This shelf offers extra storage to the ice bucket. It comes with 2 pairs of casters that allow easy movement. One pair of these casters are locking while the other pair are non-locking.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a bottle opener and catcher.
  • It is made of 304-grade stainless steel.
  • It is has a drainage plug for easy cleaning.

2. Keter Cool Bar Modern Smooth Style with Legs Outdoor Patio

Keter Modern Cool Bar ( Beer And Wine Cooler, Dark Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • outdoor bar table: elevate your next gameday party. this portable bar table allows your guests to grab chilled beverages while never being far from any of the action
  • pop up bar & hidden cooler: lid elevates upwards 10 inches above the rim for use as a patio bar table. the top reveals a hidden cooler with 7.5-gallon capacity. keep up to forty 12 oz. cans ice cold
  • versatile use: when not being used as a party bar, shut the top and use as a patio coffee table. when elevated, it is the ideal height for use as a hot tub table so you will always have a spot for your drink, snacks, and phone
  • all-weather-resistant: unlike real rattan and wicker, the thick exterior resin prevents rusting, peeling, and denting in all weather conditions, rain, or shine. fade free
  • easy cleanup & low maintenance: built in drainage plug makes cleanup a breeze. after the party is over and the ice is melted, simply pull the plug to drain the cooler and let it dry before putting it away until next time

This model of Keter’s Patio Ice Bucket with Stand is made in 3 colors: grey, coral, and teal. This product has a capacity of 7.5 gallons and has a plugged drainage beneath it. It is made of propylene resin and you can expect it to be resistant to fading or damage by the elements of weather. Your drinks can remain cool in this patio ice bucket for up to 12 hours. Asides being an ice bucket, this product can serve as a table and this table can hold as much as 110 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Weather-resistant.
  • It can be used as a coffee table and a cocktail table.
  • It comes with a drainage plug for easy cleaning.

3. Best Choice Products 80-Quart Outdoor Steel Rolling Cooler Cart

Best Choice Products 80Quart ( Opener, Catch Tray, Drain Plug, And Locking Wheels - Red)
Product Highlights:
  • mobile cart: the built-in steel stand with four sturdy wheels let you take this cooler on the go, while two locks add stability
  • high capacity: a large, eighty-quart fill capacity can accommodate up to 50 bottles, 70 cans, or all of your favorite food and drinks
  • storage shelf: keep your favorite drinks, mixing accessories, and more close at hand with a large, convenient storage shelf
  • bottle opener: use the built-in bottle opener and matching disposal bin to turn this cooler into an easy all-in-one drink stop for you and your guests
  • drainage cap: a convenient drainage system makes cleanup a breeze, and lets you exchange water for fresh ice; overall dimensions: 15.5"(l) x 36"(w) x 33"(h)

The Best Choice Products 80-Quart Rolling Cooler Cart can hold up to 55 bottles or 70 cans of drinks. It has 4 casters, 2 being locking while the other 2 are non-locking. With this combination of casters, you can move the ice bucket easily or set it to be stationary. Cleaning up is easy too. There is drainage, a bottle opener, and a catch tray beneath the bottle opener.

Key Features:

  • It features a bottle opener and a catch tray.
  • It has a capacity of up to 80 quarts.
  • It has an extra holding space beneath the cooler.

4. Clevr 80 Quart Rolling Cooler Ice Chest Cart for Outdoor Patio

80 Quart Qt Rolling ( Drink Beverage Bar, Wheels With Shelf & Bottle Opener)
Product Highlights:
  • large capacity: 80 quart / 20 gallon capacity, can store up to 70+ cans/50+ bottles, perfect for any outdoor and indoor events like backyard barbeque or pool party
  • keep cold for days: pp (polypropylene) lined injection foam insulation body and lids traps the cold in for days
  • convenient: fully removable hinged lid for easy loading access. bottom shelf for extra storage space (weight limit: 10 lbs). built-in bottle opener, cap catch tray and drain sprout
  • quality & design: durable and stylish all-weather woven rattan wicker surface. blends well and looks great with all styles of patio furniture.
  • flexible: 4 large (2.75") multi directional rolling wheels and 2 sturdy handles for easy maneuver or carry. 2 wheel brake/lock system secures cooler in place.

This product is another patio ice bucket with a stand that has a capacity of 80 quarts. Items kept in this cooler can remain cool for days. The lids and handles are easy to use and there are 4 casters for easy movement. It also has a bottom tray and this serves as extra space on the ice bucket.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a bottle opener and a catch tray.
  • It can keep your drinks cold for days.
  • It can hold up to 50 bottles or 70 cans.

5. Backyard Expressions Patio Outdoor Beverage Cooler for Patio

Rustic Outdoor Beverage Cooler ( Qt. - Rustic Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • fully insulated to keep drinks cold longer!
  • side handles make this very easy to transport, even when full!
  • 45 quart capacity holds approximately 45 cans and ice
  • includes drainage spout and bottle opener
  • easily prop the lid open so that you can grab drinks with only one hand free

The last patio ice chest with stand on our list is uniquely designed. The exterior is made of wood and this gives it a unique appearance. It has a handle on either side that allows easy carrying. When you open the lid, you can hold it up with the support stand. This ice bucket has drainage and a bottle opener too.

Key Features:

  • It has a 45-quart capacity.
  • It has a drainage spout.
  • It comes with a bottle opener.

Buying Guide

It would hurt like a burn if when you attempt to buy your patio ice bucket, you do not get the best. We dread what a burn-like feeling will do to you. So, we came up with features that should guide you in choosing your ice bucket.

1. Capacity

The quantity of cabs, bottle or liquid you ice bucket can take is one of the most important features you should look out for. The quantity is usually indicated in quarts, gallons, liters, the number of bottles or the number of cans. You will find a lot of patio ice buckets that can take up to 80 quarts (about 70 cans) while some have a capacity as low as 40 quarts.

2. Design and Material

Design matters. You definitely want something attractive that matches the other items in your patio. While looking for something with a great design, ensure that the material used in making the ice bucket is durable. Your patio ice bucket may spend a lot of time outdoors and you would not want it to fade or get damaged. So, a weather-resistant material should be your priority.

3. Appendages for Cleaning

Patio Ice buckets would come with appendages such as bottle openers, cover catches, drainages, and under trays. The bottle opener, cover catcher, and undertray ease the process of keeping your patio free of bottle covers.

The drainage, on the other hand, makes draining water from the cooler and cleaning easy. You just let the water flow out while you wait, then you clean with a dry cloth afterward.

4. Mobility

Some patio ice buckets have stands, some do not have stands, and some have casters. Of these options, patio ice buckets with stands are the easiest to move about. You simply move the ice bucket with the wheels – no heavy lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my patio ice bucket keep my drinks cold?

Your ice bucket should be able to keep your drinks cold for at least a few hours and up to a few days. The duration is dependent on the type of insulation used in the construction of the ice bucket.

Do ice buckets always come assembled?

No, they do not. Sometimes you have to assemble them yourself. The package comes with instructions on how to assemble the product.

Why is there a drainage plug on my ice bucket?

After a while, the ice in your ice bucket starts melting until fully melted. The drainage plug keeps the melted ice inside the ice bucket until you are ready to discard it. This feature makes discarding melted ice easy.

Is it normal if my patio ice bucket leaks when the drainage is plugged?

No, this is not normal. If your ice bucket leaks even when the drainage is plugged you should contact a technician to help you check out the leak and fix it.

Do ice buckets run on electricity?

Yes, some ice buckets run on electricity but those on this list do not.

Can I use any type of ice with my ice bucket?

Yes, you can. Even dry ice can be used in your ice bucket.


If we say that it is cool to have an ice bucket in your patio, we would not be wrong at all. If we say that getting an ice bucket for your patio will make your patio cool, do not doubt this. With the right ice bucket, you can easily hold mini parties on your lawn, in your patio, or in your backyard, and not worry about your drinks going warm.

Here is the review of one of the Best Patio Ice Bucket with Stand

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