Best Outdoor Wind Blocker For Patio

Best Outdoor Wind Blocker for Patio: Reviews & Buying Guide

Although everyone loves the feeling of a gentle cool breeze on the skin, it can sometimes be too much. The point where breeze becomes excessive is the point at which it becomes the wind. When you are out in your patio and breeze becomes wind, what do you do? You do not go back inside, instead, you get a patio wind blocker. These are some of the best patio wind blockers you should consider getting for yourself.

5 Best-Selling Outdoor Wind Blocker for Patio

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Outdoor Wind Blocker for Patio

1. NICETOWN Outdoor Drapes for Patio

NICETOWN Greyish White Outdoor ( Drapes For Front Porch & Canvas, 1 Panel, W52 X L84)
Product Highlights:
  • nice material: sold by 1-panel per package. the material with waterproof effect. curtains are durable enough to hold their beauty through rain, wind, or shine. both sides of the curtains are the same material and color.
  • good performance: the waterproof outdoor curtains adopt triple weave technology, can block out sunlight to keep cool in summer. they also can serve as shower curtains as well as indoor or outdoor public space dividers.
  • stylish&privacy: nicetown outdoor curtains with a quality texture will have a great vertical sense. meanwhile, these panels provide a real sense of separation & privacy which benefits both yours and your neighbors.
  • rustproof grommets: silver stainless steel grommets make the curtain luxury and upmarket. although exposed to wind and rain, it will also display with the original look, durable and exquisite for its rustproof feature.
  • easy care: good quality finishing will withstand years of use. machine washable and wash the water temperature below 86f. low-temperature ironing. don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests.

The Nicetown Drapes for Patio is a waterproof polyester wind blocker. It is resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight. The grommets are rustproof and long-lasting. This product is available in 7 sizes and 6 colors. The triple weave technology helps keep you cool by keeping heat out. Asides blocking wind, it is also to maintain privacy outdoors.

Key Features:

  • It is machine washable.
  • It has rustproof grommets.
  • It is thermally insulated.

2. Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Screen Fence

Windscreen4less Privacy Fence Screen ( Outdoor Wall Garden Yard Pool Deck, Green)
Product Highlights:
  • perfectly protect your yard privacy: 90% visibility blocking, prevent peeping outside the yard, block nose neighbors see through, protect safety and enjoy freedom. it can also prevent animals from entering your yard, block surrounding noise and street views, block dogs' sight and prevent bark.
  • high quality material: made of brand new breathable polyethylene fabric, the fabric surface is tight and smooth, stitched and wrapped, strong and tear-resistant, with reinforced brass grommets on the edges for easy installation and not easy to be damaged.
  • wide range of applications: not only suitable for privacy screening and hiding of swimming pools, backyards, front yards, patios, gardens and porches from streets, roads, construction sites, pet kennel fences, but also for garages, roofs, patios, balconies, vegetables and greenhouse's sunshade coverage, windproof and dustproof.
  • easy to install: installation is easy and does not take much time. you only need to roll it out and use zip ties or ropes (zip ties included in the package) to pass through the buttonholes and fix it on the fence or railing. all the sizes you need can be customized.
  • warranty: 3 years limited warranty under normal usage and weather. if you are missing any parts or receiving defective items during shipping, please contact us for the replacement delivery any time.

This wind blocker provides up to 88% blockade. You can get it in over 100 sizes depending on the length you want to cover with it. This patio wind blocker is highly dense polyethylene yet breathable. This wind blocker is easy to install and durable. It is UV-treated so you can expect up to 90% protection from UV damage.

Key Features:

  • It is breathable.
  • It is UV-resistant.
  • It is made of high-density polyethylene.

3. Alion Home Elegant Privacy Screen Fence Mesh Windscreen for Patio 

Alion Home Elegant Privacy ( Railing 3 FT Height Brown/Mocha (3' X 16'))
Product Highlights:
  • visibility & sunlight blockage up to 90% - provides up to 90% visibility and harmful sun ray blockage depending on lighting conditions. reduces gusty winds and can help keep your dog from barking at everything that moves. a great balance between visibility, sun blockage and air flow. economical and attractive outdoor privacy that allows air passage.
  • durable uv-stabilized material stop tearing & fraying - privacy screens are knitted with 185+ thick, commercial grade quality. made with 100% virgin high-density polyethylene in a variety of attractive colors. mesh fabric is uv-stabilized to retain material strength for years of use.
  • neutral colors & breathable fabric - versatile mesh available in neutral earth tone colors that blend well with natural outdoor landscaping and most apartment/condo paint themes. can handle rain or snow and be left up year-round. allows air and water to slowly pass through.
  • hemmed for sleek look & strength with installation (zip ties included) - all four sides are hemmed for extra strength and a uniform look (no black edges) with metal grommets placed approximately every 20''- 24’’ on all 4 sides. installation is simple and quick with included zip ties. screen be directly nailed, stapled, or screwed to wood if needed. (no hardware included).
  • satisfaction guaranteed – 100% hassle-free returns within 30 days for any reason, top notch customer service and a 2-year limited replacement warranty under normal use and conditions custom sizes made-to-order offered in california only—please contact us for more information.

The Alion Home Elegant Windscreen for Patio is a high-density polyethylene wind blocker that is breathable. The material is UV-treated and it blocks out about 90% of UV light. The durable material is available in 3 colors and varying lengths. Installation is easy, the grommets are well-placed and rustproof. You are not only blocking out the wind with this product, but you are also ensuring your privacy.

Key Features:

  • It has rustproof grommets.
  • The material is breathable.
  • It is weather resistant.

4. Amgo Black Fence Windscreen

Amgo’s Fence Windscreen is available in over 20 sizes and you can even request a customized size for your patio. It provides privacy, giving up to 90% blockade and is easy to install. The material is HDPE and is breathable. It is available in 7 colors including black, blue, beige, white, and green.

Key Features:

  • It is breathable.
  • It is UV-resistant.
  • It is easy to install.

5. Fence4ever 6’ x 50’ 3rd Gen Olive Windscreen

Fence4ever 6 X 50 ( Mesh Netting Tarp (Aluminum Grommets))
Product Highlights:
  • 50' long x 5'-8" tall (fits perfect on 6 ft tall fence)
  • visibility blockage: 88% high quality polyethylene knitted design privacy screen
  • aluminum rust free grommets placed apart evenly 12'' vertically / 24'' horizontally all 4 sides
  • double grommets on every corner edge for extra strength
  • fabricated with 2.5'' black binding

This wind blocker is 50’ long and comes in different heights (between 5’ and 8’). The grommets attached to it are made of aluminum so you should not be bothered rust. The product was made using high-quality polyethylene and it also offers a degree of privacy. It is also easy to install.

Key Features:

  • It is made of high-quality polyethylene.
  • It is weather-resistant.
  • Rustproof grommets.

Buying Guide

Getting the right patio wind blocker does not just involve getting a piece of fabric or polyethylene you can hang around your patio. It involves way more. The following are some of the factors you should consider before you buy your wind blocker:

1. Size of the Wind Blocker

As always, dimensions are always important. You need the right fit or it will all look off. A saggy wind blocker would not look any bit attractive on your patio. Also, if your wind blocker is undersized, it may not provide enough blockade.

While setting up your patio wind blocker, you want to ensure that it is tight to avoid wind flaps. An oversized patio wind blocker will sag and cause wind flaps. An undersized wind blocker may tear easily when tightened. So the wind blocker must have dimensions appropriate for your patio.

2. Breathability

With your wind blocker, you want to block the wind but not shut air out completely. Some materials may totally block out air and you would not enjoy being inside such wind blocker. The essence of air is ventilation and with air blocked out, you can forget about ventilation. In your search for a patio wind blocker, ensure that you get one that allows the passage of air through the material.

3. Material

The type of material used in making the wind blocker is also important. You would like to look out for a high-density material. High-density materials can withstand wind at higher speeds than less dense materials. Materials will low density will likely give in at the slightest wind.

You should also get a wind blocker that is UV-resistant. This will help you keep out harmful UV light and it will also ensure that your wind blocker does not fade quickly. The waterproof material is also essential to withstand the effect of rain. All in all, ensure that the material of your wind blocker can withstand the elements of the weather.

Other Wind Blocker Solutions

Do not let the wind change your mind about spending time on your patio. The wind will come and go but with the right wind blocker, your patio will remain intact. You also get some privacy when you are inside your wind blocker, there is no way you would lose.

  1. Set up a deck fence screen. These fences are made of durable net materials that are attached to wooden or metal panels.
  2. Build a wooden fence to block the wind.
  3. Place wood or resin privacy screens if you want to block the wind temporarily.
  4. If you want complete coverage around your patio, a windscreen fence is an amazing solution.
  5. Bamboo screens will not only block wind from getting into your patio but also give your space some privacy.
  6. Windshield glass installation is a more modern way of blocking wind on your balcony.
  7. Bumpy metal fencing can be an excellent way to control and block strong winds from your patio. This piece will add privacy to your space, but maintain the serenity and fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asides from using my patio wind blocker, is there more I can do to block the wind?

Yes, there is. You can plant shrubs and trees to help with wind-breaking. Asides, breaking wind, these plants will also add extra beauty to your patio and more greens to the environment.

On average, what is the speed of the wind that can be held back by my patio wind blocker?

When properly installed, the average patio wind blocker should be able to hold off wind going at about 40 – 5- mph.

While installing my patio wind blocker, should I ensure that I tighten it?

Yes, you should. They should be tight to avoid wind flap. But, they should not be too tight as this may damage the wind blocker or the points to which they are attached.

How can I clean my patio wind blocker?

You may spot clean or wash in a machine if the machine is washable. In cases where your patio blocker is stained with mold, mildew, or lichen, you can spot clean with mild detergents.

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