Best Kites For Kids Reviews Buying Guide

Best Kites for Kids: Reviews & Buying Guide

You will want to get the best kites for kids if you have seen them running joyfully with one in their hands. For a kid, a kite is not just a kite. The same way an owl is not an eagle and a hawk is not a pigeon. They are all birds but you know they are better than each other. There are many kites for kids but these are some of the best kites for kids.

5 Best-Selling Kites for Kids

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Kites for Kids

1. Hengda Kite – Easy Flyer Kite for Kids

Hengda Kite Software Octopus ( Wide X 157-Inch Long, Large, Red)
Product Highlights:
  • this is entirely software made kite, it takes only a minute to get a new kite, you take it out of the bag without assembly you can easily start the park, on the beach, just get it pointed into the wind and you're off and flying.
  • give your children the best large easy to fly the kite - this is a full 31 inches wide!
  • flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults. use it any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy spending quality time with your family.
  • made in the international kite capital - weifang,shandong,china.our company is the weifang kite industry association governing units

Children like colors and this kite is available in 5 colors. You can get it as all-red or red with colorful tails. You can also get it in pink, orange or purple with colorful tails. This kite is a nylon polymer and is shaped like an octopus. Although the kite is big, it is light enough to be a kite for kids. It is also easy to use as it requires moderate wind/breeze. The kite measures 196” x 31”.

Key Features:

  • It has a small bag for easy packing and storage.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • It is easy to carry around.

2. Impresa Large Rainbow Delta Kite

Large Rainbow Delta Kite ( Boys, Kids, Adults, Beginners And Pros - By IMPRESA)
Product Highlights:
  • built to last where other kites break: made from high-quality, weather-resistant rip-stop nylon fabric and strong and flexible fiberglass rods with extra reinforcement in key areas to ensure your delta kite / rainbow kite lasts where others rip
  • easy to assemble, launch and fly: simple to assemble, easy to launch and a "breeze" to fly, our large kite comes with a kite bag, an extra-long, premium kite string (200' vs. the usual 100') and an easy-grip handle kite spool - a complete kite kit
  • a large kite makes for quite a sight: 43" wide by 80" long with a 31" tail on each side, everyone will love watching this uniquely patterned kite fly from close-up or far-away. one of the best kites for kids and one of the best kites for adults
  • excellent for travel and easy to store: despite its size when assembled, our kite quickly folds back to 17.5" to make carrying and storing a snap - fits in most suitcases. perfect when you're looking for girls toys or boys toys to take on a beach trip
  • a great addition: performs best in winds ranging from 5-16 mph. our kite is a perfect addition to your set of outdoor games and beach toys for kids, teens and adults, boys and girls, alike. covered under the impresa manufacturer's warranty for life of product

We cannot overstress the fact that children like colors. This delta kite is colored like the rainbow. The material is rip-stop nylon and is quite flexible. The kite comes with a long string so the kite goes higher. The kite is large, giving the kids a great view while in flight. You can fold this kite with ease and tuck in your bag. This makes carrying it around easy. The kite works best in winds with speed between 5 to 16 mph.

Key Features:

  • It has a 200-feet string.
  • The string rolls out from a spool with a comfortable handle.
  • It is easy to assemble.

3. In the Breeze 2903 Rainbow Sparkler Delta Kite

In The Breeze Rainbow ( Kite Line And Bag - Great Beginner Kite)
Product Highlights:
  • in the breeze item 2903 - 46" rainbow sparkler fly-hi delta kite is easy to fly. it’s a single line kite perfect for beginners
  • this colorful and fun kite is 46 inches wide by 82 inches high. there are two 60 inch stabilizing tails on each side
  • this kite is lightweight and durable. made with ripstop fabric, it is stain and fade resistant. the bright color graphic is a sewn appliqué design
  • includes a plastic line winder with 130 feet of twisted polyester line. reusable bag is also included. the wind range for this kite is 6 to 20 mph
  • grab your kite, your friends or family, and get outside and start flying

The In-The-Breeze 2903 Delta Kite is also colored like the rainbow. But this is not the only color scheme available. You can also get in tie-dye, neon sunset, neon arch, patriot, and 2 other rainbow designs. The color options make for a great sight for your kids. The material is a rip-stop fabric and is weather-resistant. It is lightweight and easy for kids to use. The kite uses two 60-inch tails for stabilization. You can fold the kite and keep it inside the reusable bag.

Key Features:

  • It has a 130-feet string.
  • The material is weather-resistant.
  • It has a reusable bag for easy carrying and storage.

4. In the Breeze Diamond Kite

White may not be the most attractive color on a kite for kids. So, this kite is available in 16 colors including yellow, purple, blue, green, pink, and orange. You can also get it in 2 sizes: 30 inches and 43 inches. No matter the size you choose, you get a lightweight kite that you operate with ease. For the best experience, use the kite in wind speeds between 6 to 20 mph. The kite’s material is rip-stop polyester. It is resistant to UV, mold, and mildew.

Key Features:

  • It is resistant to mold and mildew so it will not stain easily.
  • It has a 130-feet line.
  • It is UV-resistant.

5. 5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite

5M 3D Large Octopus ( Outdoor Park Garden Beach Fun)
Product Highlights:
  • good for eye health. gazing at the blue sky flying octopus above can help better regulate eye muscles and nerves, helps alleviate eye fatigue and prevent myopia
  • reduces stress and tension of everyday life. kite flying also can help develop of concentration
  • relaxing and exercise in the nature. a best and cheap way to have fun on beach, park, garden and outdoor. fun and easy to fly
  • eye catching and huge. dimensions 196 inches long 5 meters. color: purple. material: nylon. foldable and easy storage
  • great idea for your friends. package included: original kite bag, handle and string, ready to fly

A kite that is shaped like an octopus is an interesting sight for kids. This is not a kite for kids only, adults can also join in the fun. This product is huge but lightweight. The material is nylon and is durable. The line comes from a spool with a comfortable handle. It offers a great view while flying and is easy to use.

Key Features:

  • It can fly when breeze as light as 12 mph.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is inexpensive.

Buying Guide

You cannot read children’s minds but you should be able to get them the best kites. This guide tells you some of the features you should look out for when choosing the best kites for kids.

1. The Color of the Kite

Children love colors. Do not get them a kite that looks bland. Get some with bright colors. You can opt for a kite with more than one color too. But you should ensure that the colors match. Colorful kites are an attractive sight for kids and it is part of the fun for them.

2. The Weight of the Kite

You should have it in mind that you are getting a kite for kids. There is a limit to the weight of the kite a kid can control. When the kite becomes too heavy, fun becomes punishment. So, for kids, ensure that the kite weighs around 4 lbs. or less. But, the kite should not be too light that it becomes uncontrollable.

3. The Durability of the Kite

Your kite will be exposed to strong wind and UV light from the sun. If the kite for your kids is not resistant to UV-light, the colors will fade quickly. Also, the kites work with the wind. If they cannot withstand considerable wind speed, they will fall apart. Getting a kite that can withstand wind speed between 15 mph – 20 mph should be a priority.

Frequently Asked Question

How can we fly a kite?

Flying a kite is quite simple. You can fly your kite by holding the bridle point as you release the line. After releasing the line, the wind will raise your kite to the sky. You can tug on the line gently to make it go higher. Keep tugging gently until you are satisfied.

Can I fly my kite in any space?

You shouldn’t use your kite in any space. If you use your kite in a confined space, it may catch on to something and become stuck. In confined spaces, you are unlikely to get enough wind. The wind is very important in flying a kite. For these reasons, you should look to use your kite in open spaces with enough wind.

Can flying a kite be complicated?

Yes, it can. But this depends on the type of kite you are flying. Single-line kites are very easy to control. But kites with many lines can become complicated.

What are the benefits of flying a kite?

Flying kites can be a form of exercise for kids. It is also a way for kids to bond while playing. It also improves creative thinking.

How can I stop my kite from spinning?

To stop your kite from spinning, you should add a tail to it. By adding a tail, your kite will spin less and be more stable in flight.

Can I fly a kite while it rains?

You should never do this. You will not enjoy the experience. Asides the fact that the kite may be hard to control, it is very risky. There is a risk of getting shocked by lightning.

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