Best In Ground Fire Pit Buying Guide Faqs

Best In-Ground Fire Pit (Buying Guide & FAQs)

If you are longing for a warm and cosy evening outdoors, you might want to consider getting a fire pit. In ground fire pits, in particular, are non-obtrusive and easy to set up. While fire pits come in a variety of alluring designs, styles and sizes, you need to pick out what works for you. Here are some insights into the in ground fire pit market.

5 Best-Selling In-Ground Fire Pit

Reviews of 5 Top Rated In-Ground Fire Pit

1. Vbenlem Thick Solid Steel Outdoor In Ground Fire Pit

VBENLEM Fire Pit Ring ( Campfire Ring Above Or In-Ground For Outdoor)
Product Highlights:
  • rugged steel construction: 45 x 39 x 10 inch; made of durable q235 steel with 3 mm thickness and a high-temperature black paint finish on the surface, make this fire pit liner durable and hard to wear. designed to withstand extreme heat & harsh weather without damage or rust.
  • great for diy using: surround the liner with your own brick and pavers, or simply use it as a durable fire pit ring. then place this fire pit rings in the ground and fill the dirt around the outside of the rim for an in-ground fire pit!
  • large diameter: 45 inches outside with 39 inches inside diameter, the bigger area is more suitable for fire grows. with heavy-duty thick steel metal, the large diameter of the round fire pit ring is perfect to create a brilliant, uniform flame.
  • easy to install: four-piece ring insert kit assembles in minutes, giving you more time to enjoy a beautiful fire in your backyard space. connect firmly with the screws, no need to worry it will fall off during use.
  • wide application: this solid campfire ring is lightweight and transportable, so that it is suitable for camping, fishing or a simple barbecue in a park or backyard, bringing a warm atmosphere to holiday nights or friends gatherings.

If you are looking to build a pit with 3.0mm thick heavy-duty Q235 steel, this highly-rated VBenlem could be one of the best options for you. The surface is finished with high-temperature black paint to make it hard to wear and long-lasting. This in ground pit can withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures without damage.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 4 easy-to-install pieces
  • Wide applications – it is portable so can be used in a variety of situations
  • Large pit – 39 inches inside diameter to create a brilliant uniform flame

2. Sunnydaze In Ground Heavy Duty Portable Fire Pit

Sunnydaze 2mm Thick Steel ( Diameter (36-Inch Inner Diameter))
Product Highlights:
  • perfect size for gatherings: this steel fire pit ring can fit many people around it with a 36-inch inside diameter x 42-inch outside diameter. it is 10 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds, making it easy to move to the desired location in your yard.
  • durable construction: this heavy-duty fire pit ring is made of sturdy 2 mm thick steel metal and finished with a high-temperature paint to ensure long lasting quality and functionality for all weather types.
  • easy to assemble: this large 4-piece metal fire pit ring insert kit is easy to put together and assembles in minutes, giving you more time to enjoy a beautiful fire in your backyard (note: there is no bottom to this diy fire pit ring).
  • add a personal touch: can be used as an in-ground or above-ground fire pit ring liner. you can also get creative and add decorative landscape blocks or bricks around the steel fire pit ring insert (note: bricks not included).
  • worry-free purchasing: sunnydaze decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

When looking for an in ground fire pit that is made of heavy-duty, durable steel, you might want to consider this Sunnydaze option. It is a high-performance fire pit that is just as appealing. It perfectly complements your outdoor area.

Key Features:

  • 2 mm thick steel liner with high-temperature paint finish
  • The fire pit doesn’t come with a bottom for easy customization
  • Can be customized to suit both indoor and outdoor purposes

3. The Square Heavy Duty Steel In Ground Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Steel Square AboveInGround ( Diameter (30-Inch Inner Diameter))
Product Highlights:
  • large size: the metal fire pit insert measures 36" square on the outside x 30" on the inside making it the right size to gather around with friends and family. the outdoor fire pit liner is 10" h and weighs 26 lbs.
  • durable construction: this square fire pit rim is made from thick 2-millimeter steel and is finished with a high-temperature paint to ensure long lasting quality and resistance to rust.
  • easy to assemble: the metal fire pit liner assembles in minutes to enjoy time spent around the fire as soon as possible. (note: there is no bottom to this outdoor square fire pit insert).
  • add a personal touch: the square fire pit liner may be used in-ground or above-ground depending on your preference. personalize the fire pit rim liner by putting landscape blocks around the outside (note: bricks not included).
  • worry-free purchasing: sunnydaze decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Allowing for DIY installation, this square in ground fire pit is made of 2mm thick heavy-duty, black paint coated steel. It is easy to put together as well as maintain over time. It is suitable for a range of applications such as campfires and backyard bonfires.

Key Features:

  • Easy to put up – the 4 pieces can be assembled in minutes
  • Sleek, functional and durable
  • The fire pit is coated with heat resistant black paint finish for quality and durability

4. The Cast Stone Steel Base Wood Burning In Ground Fire Pit

When going for a sophisticated look, this Huntington Cove fire pit that comes with a mesh screen could be a perfect choice. It features a durable circular cast stone base and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can accommodate hardwood logs that are up to 21 inches long.

Key Features:

  • Features a wire mesh screen cover to protect against flying sparks
  • Easy to install and use and it adds ambience to your outdoor space
  • Easy to position the fire pit as it comes with a steel fire bowl and log grate

5. Artesia Glass Reinforced Concrete Fire Pit

Artestia 36 Fire PitStylish ( Wood Burning Bonfire In Front Or Back Yard, Patio)
Product Highlights:
  • contemporary design glass reinforced concrete (grc) fire pit with black high heat resistant powder coating steel bowl in simulated stone base, perfect for outdoor entertaining during fall or winter months, the wood burning bonfire will add warmth and character to your outdoor entertaining area.
  • the fire pit is made of sturdy and durable material, it's heavy duty and built to last for many years with little maintenance.
  • dimension is 35.5" l x 35.5" w x 20" h, total weight 55.1 pounds. package includes one grc firepit, one round spark screen cover, one screen hook. it can be easily assembled in minutes.
  • we offer free returns within 30 days of purchase and we back our product with 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • this fire pit is designed for outside use and please use it in a well ventilated area.

Featuring a heavy-duty, heat resistant powder-coated steel bowl, this fire pit is among the sturdy and durable options in the market today. It is built to last long with very little maintenance. This elegant contemporary design can be assembled in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Glass-reinforced concrete fire pit with heavy-duty steel lining and stone base
  • A round spark-protection screen cover
  • Sturdy, durable stone fire pit that is made to last for years with little maintenance

Buying Guide

While choosing the perfect in ground fire pit is not a difficult task, it can be daunting if you do not have a starting point. Before you make any purchases, you can look around and acquaint yourself with the options available in the market. Here are a few pointers to guide you to make the right choice when it comes to buying durable in-ground fire pits.

1. The Size and Shape of the Fire Pit

The area you have set aside will dictate the size of the fire pit that you can buy. Fire pits are available in all sizes today, you only need to know the dimensions of the fire pit you need. Pay attention to inner and outer measurements of the fire pit as those vary depending on the thickness of the fire pit.

Circular in ground fire pits are the most common in the market today. However, you can also find square, rectangle, hexagon and other shapes of fire pits and fire liners.

2. The Durability of the In Ground Fire Pit

Durable fire pits feature steel liners. These liners must be coated with heat resistant paint so as to keep them in top shape even with prolonged outdoor use. Other durable materials such as stone and concrete are also used to make in ground fire pits.

3. Accessories

There are some fire pits that come with extra accessories such as a screen cover. In addition to offering protection against sparks, these fire screen covers are see-through to keep the glow of the fire visible for that bonfire feel. These covers can also be sold separately.

4. The Fuel Used

The most common fuel options for in ground fire pits are wooden logs and charcoal. If you’d like to use other fuel sources such as gas, you will need to get a fire pit that allows for that.

Check out the product description section of the fire pit you fancy ascertaining that it indeed has provisions for other fuel sources. If the information is not easy to pick out, you can directly consult the seller.

5. Ease of Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling an in ground fire pit is pretty easy, and can take minutes. However, if you are stuck at any point, you can always refer to the instructions from the manufacturer. In most cases, these fire pits come in sections that are easy to put together.

In ground fire pits need little maintenance. You only need to cover the fire pit when not in use. You can get a solid, heavy duty plastic cover to keep out rain or snow when the pit is not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my in ground fire pit package contain all the accessories I need?

This will depend on the particular fire pit you are interested in. Most packages contain all the hardware and instructions you’ll need to assemble the fire pit. You can ask the seller if their product will come with all the items you’ll need to install it.

How will my in ground fire pit hold up in extreme weather?

In ground fire pits are made for outdoor use. As such, they can withstand rough weather without sustaining any damage. Be sure to check out the product description section of the fire pit you are interested in to ascertain that it is meant for long term outdoor use.

Does my in ground fire pit come with a bottom?

This will depend on the design of the fire pit you choose. Some come with a base while others don’t. If the information is not easily discernable from the product photos, you can ask the seller if the fire pit you want comes with a bottom.

Can I use my in ground fire pit above ground?

Yes, depending on the design. There are countless designs in the market today that allow for both indoor and outdoor use. However, you may need to confirm from the seller before you make a purchase.

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