Best Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

5 Best Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

It’s hard finding the best fiberglass sliding patio doors. It’s even harder to find a fitting screen door for your sliding patio door. Continue reading to find out how to choose the best sliding patio door.

5 Best-Selling Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

Below are some of the best screen doors for sliding patio doors.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

1. The Magnetic Screen Door Homitt Fibre Auto Closer for Sliding Doors 74″x81″

Upgraded Version Magnetic Screen ( Curtain, Auto Closer For Sliding Doors)
Product Highlights:
  • magnet screen door size 74"x81", fits door size up to 72"x80". please measure door first! fiberglass mesh are more scratch resistant and durable than traditional polyester magnetic screen curtains.
  • sewed in 13 pairs of magnetic points make the patio door screen close much quicker and no more slamming. natural air flow in to the area while making pesky flying objects not enter the house.
  • double door design is very suitable for sliding doors. and it allows two person to pass through at the same time. hook fastener help to hold the sides in place for frequent in and out.
  • full frame seal and push up pins secure the screen door mesh into its place. easily open and promptly close without concern of falling down, kids and pets friendly. easy installation without any tool.
  • package includes: screen door, a roll of hook&loop, and a pack of push pins. you could use push pins to secure the screen into its place much more stable.

It’s easily the best in the market. The Magnetic Screen Door fiberglass mesh curtain is tough and more scratch-resistant than other fabrics like polyester. The mesh has 26 magnetic points to prevent slamming. As a result, it closes much quicker, thus preventing pest invasion.

At the bottom, you’ll see eight gravity pieces that prevent it from being blown around. In addition to that, the mesh firmly holds in place. You’ll not have to concern yourself with the mesh falling.

2. The Heavy Duty Automatic Screen Door For Patio Sliding Door 72″x83″

This fiberglass screen is a product by Chutsang. The mesh is fiberglass. Therefore, it’s scratch-resistant. The frame is also adhesive enough to hold the mesh over several years of traffic. Chutsang also claims the product is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The screen door is easy to install with no tools required. It’s also easy to use. Your pets will have no difficulties entering or leaving the patio.

3. The MAGZO Patio Fibreglass Screen for Sliding Patio Doors 36″x80″

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door ( Patio Sliding Screen For The Door With Full Frame)
Product Highlights:
  • 【magnetic screen door size】: door screen size: 38'' x 81''- fit door size: 36'' x 80''. how to choose proper size: before purchasing, please carefully measure your door size and order that size. ( only fit door size, doesn't include door frame part. )
  • 【upgraded durable fiberglass material】: compared with previous nylon screen mesh, through high temperature forming, upgraded fiberglass material has better durability, fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance and also with good shape. a good replacement for actual door, indeed a wise choice for you.
  • 【unique hook&loop hasp design】:we're the only seller with windproof sticker hasp design on the middle and bottom of the screen door curtain, after many tests about wind resistance level, windproof sticker hasp can effectively consolidate and avoid the magnets screen door from being blown open by the wind. excellent workmanship guarantees the screen door lasts a long life.
  • 【easy to install and detach】: it comes with an installation manual helps you install like a breeze! remove easily and you can rolled it up during the off season. screen mesh door with strong magnets go all the way down the entire middle from top to bottom, sturdy adhesive strip with extra pushpins to secure.
  • 【pet&kids friendly walk through screen door】: friendly for pets, cats, dogs can walk through or out freely whenever they want and definitely will close up right after their movement, also keep sealed as well, save your time to help. notice: great with small dogs, works well with cats ( if they don't climb it), but not so good with bigger dogs.

Always remember to measure your door’s frame before purchasing any of these. The MAGZO Patio Fibreglass Screen is a massive improvement from nylon mesh. As expected, it’s not only more durable than nylon, but it’s also fireproof and corrosion-resistant.

Its installation is a breeze. It also comes with a small installation manual to run you through the process. Upon installation, you’ll notice how easy it is to walk through this sliding patio screen. Even pets can do it.

4. The Dysome Magnetic Fiberglass Screen Door For Sliding Doors 72″x80″

Magnetic Screen Door For ( Retractable Doggy Sliding Door Screen, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 【upgraded 36 powerful magnetic point for seamlessly close】36 strong magnets sewn-in allow the door net screen with magnet to open more easily,and close much more quickly and you can walk through freely while your hands are full,children and pets also can go in and out of the house with ease.
  • upgraded reinforcement line & unique wind protection design:the unique reinforcement line design protects the top of magnetic closure screen door from tearing for longer life. and unlike others magnetic door screen ,we add 8pcs unique bottom sticks to prevent door net screen with magnet being blown open by wind.
  • full frame seal,easy to install:with the super-duty hook & loop seal around every inch in the entire frame ( 1.6 inch widen hook& loop on the top)and additional support nails included, the magnets screen door would always in its place. close and open easily without concern of falling down, kids and pets friendly. and it is really easy for installation without any tool.
  • heavy duty fiberglass: compared to the previous nylon door netting with magnets, upgraded fiberglass with a higher thread count,high density,it perfect for a pet screen door and high-traffic doors. let the fresh air always
  • fits all door sizes up to 70"x79",if your door frame measures 70" or less in width and 79" or less in height, then this retractable screen door will be the perfect fit. important: measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit.this high quality magnetic screen door allows hands free entering & exiting, making it easy to pass with occupied hands, and is kid friendly.

The Dysome Magnetic Fiberglass Screen Door has a high-dense fiberglass material that is tear-resistant and perfect for high traffic. It will keep away the pests as it allows fresh air to flow into your room. At the bottom of the fiberglass mesh, you’ll find a 6-piece gravity stick to keep the mesh from flying around.

It’s a full-frame screen door that is easy to install. The 26 sewn-in magnets keep the doors closed. It’s also kids and pet-friendly. It’s so easy to use that you don’t need to use your hands.

5. The YUFER Sliding Door Magnetic Mesh Full Frame Screen Door

The YUFER screen door comes in all shapes and sizes. Trust us. You’ll find your size with them. Are the screen doors high-quality? Well, they are according to the review section. Most people are perplexed by the quality of the fiberglass mesh.

It’s also detachable and easy to install. In addition to that, there are also 26 magnets in the reinforced frames. They help in keeping the screen door shut. It’s also easy to use for kids and pets.

Buying Guide

1. Type of Door

We know it can be overwhelming. There are so many types of patio doors to confuse everybody. Sure, we will always advise you to pick on a product that appeals to you. However, there are some considerations you have to factor in before you click the checkout button.

2. Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors are by far the most popular. The sliding movement is not only therapeutic to many, but the design is also classy. In addition to that, they are low maintenance. Sliding doors are also the best pick when you lack swinging or folding space.

3. Swinging Doors

“Hinged doors” is the other name for swinging doors. They are similar to your standard door. The few differences are in weight and, of course, transparency. Just like most patio doors, they are transparent to allow in light.

4. Folding Doors

Folding doors are slowly becoming popular as people pick on the trend. They are almost as classy as sliding doors. Their complex folding mechanism can make your house feel like a gallery.

5. Material

The door’s material is crucial. You get to choose from five patio door materials like vinyl, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. Of course, each material has its cons and pros. It’s up to you to decide on the one that works best for you.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl is a sturdy plastic material and the most common material for patio doors. Vinyl doors come in many designs and styles. Its versatility allows it to sync with almost all house decors.

Vinyl’s durability, versatility, and low price tag are more than enough to win anybody’s heart. Nevertheless, the material has some drawbacks you might want to consider.

First, it’s vulnerable to high-temperature shifts that cause cracks. Second, it’s the most flammable patio door material.

7. Fiberglass

Without a doubt, fiberglass is the most enduring patio door material. Sure, it’s not as strong as steel. Nonetheless, unlike vinyl, fiberglass is resistant to temperature changes. In addition to that, it’s also rot-resistant and can suit different house themes.

For example, are you yearning for wooden patio doors? We all know wooden patio doors are high maintenance. Therefore, not great picks. Did you know that they can design fiberglass to look like wooden patio doors?

8. Wood

As previously mentioned, wood is not a great pick because of its high maintenance. Natural elements like moisture, heat, and sunlight can use detrimental damage. In addition to that, wood is brittle and prone to cracks.

Well-crafted wooden patio doors are indeed classy and luxurious. Nonetheless, they are also costly when compared to the other materials.

9. Aluminum

Aluminum patio doors can be mind-blowingly stylish. Aluminum is a metal. Therefore, it’s sturdy enough to resist wear and tear. However, its surface is soft and prone to dents.

Aluminum patio doors have a reputation for being light and sleek. On top of that, they are also corrosion-resistant.

Note: Be careful when buying aluminum patio doors. Especially if you are living in regions that experience seasons. Always go for the “thermal improved” doors.

10. Steel

Without a doubt, steel is the strongest of the five materials. Sure, most steel patio doors lack the style and sleekness of aluminum and wood patio doors. However, they make up for it with strength and durability.

Steel patio doors might also be the most affordable. They are also low maintenance, and you’ll not have to worry about dents or cracks.

Note: Steel patio doors might be a problem if you live in humid and salty regions like coastal towns. The moisture and salt accelerate steel corrosion. In such a case, you are better off with a fiberglass or vinyl patio door.

11. Efficiency

Did you know that patio doors have Energy Saving Ratings? Most people are not aware of this and end up taking low-standard patio doors. Such people also miss out on reduced energy costs.

Below are the energy-related factors to consider when shopping for a patio. They include UV coating, U-factor, R-value, and Low-E glass. All these can help you save money and pay back the door’s initial cost.

12. Security

Security is a big deal. Depending on your location, your patio door should be able to give you the level of safety you require. The patio doors must be sturdy and firm. In such a scenario, a steel patio door would be a great pick.

You also go for patio doors with hardened glass. This move will not only give you more safety, but it will also increase your home’s value. Glazing glass is also something you should consider. It’s a life-saver in the summer heat. It will keep your home cool during the summers.

13. Accessibility

Your patio door should be easy to use. “The type of patio door” comes into consideration when we are talking about accessibility. Of course, it’s a matter of preference. To some, traditional swinging doors are easier to use than foldable patio doors. Nonetheless, we advise you to critically consider this as you shop for your patio door (especially if you are housing persons with disabilities).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a sliding patio door last?

A quality sliding patio door will last for around 30 years. They can endure this long with frequent cleaning and a little maintenance.

Are sliding patio doors safe?

Sliding patios are generally safe. However, there are a few precautions you have to take. First, the larger the glass panels, the more likely they’ll break. Second, poorly installed sliding patio doors are easy to remove.

Are fiberglass patio doors better than vinyl patio doors?

Yes, fiberglass is stronger and more crack-resistant than vinyl. Also, high-quality fiberglass lasts longer (50 years) than high-quality vinyl.

Which material is the best for sliding patio doors?

Fiberglass is the best material. It offers both strength and aesthetics.

How much does it cost to install sliding patio doors?

According to Fixr, $2000 is the average cost of installing sliding patio doors.


Patio doors are part of your patio. I don’t know about you, but I believe patios are our personal “outdoor heavens.” Therefore, the patio doors should also be up to par. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on sliding patio doors. As a result, many people end up making bad calls and choosing the wrong patio doors.