Best Decorative Outdoor Thermometers For Patio Buying Guide Faqs

Best Decorative Outdoor Thermometers for Patio : Reviews & Buying Guide

A decorative outdoor thermometer is a functional and necessary addition to patios. These thermometers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, weight, colors and themes to suit various preferences. They are easy to install, with a good number recommending wall mounting. You can opt for a portable outdoor patio thermometer; the choice is yours. Here are a few thoughts to help you choose the perfect piece.

5 Best-Selling Decorative Outdoor Thermometers for Patio

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Decorative Outdoor Thermometers for Patio

1. Cape Craftsmen Horse Outdoor Thermometer and Clock

Cape Craftsmen Horse Outdoor ( Inches | Stables Barn Farm And Home Decor)
Product Highlights:
  • construction: this vibrant and cheerful outdoor safe wall clock and thermometer is made of metal and plastic, to hold up to the elements year-round outside.
  • unique: this stunning clock features a modern mixed material design with horses, a great addition to your equestrian stables, rustic country farmhouse decor, barn, garden, garage, or deck.
  • perfect for all: great as a housewarming gift, birthday present, father's day, mother's day, or christmas holiday gift. it is perfectly sized to use in any location indoor or outdoor. avoid placing in direct sunlight - as that might impact the accuracy of the temperature reading.
  • intricate details: assembly is easy, simply mount to a flat surface like wood, siding, or even a tree - with screws or nails. thermometer reads from -40 degrees to 140 degrees farenheit. easily replaceable battery.
  • quality guarantee: we stand behind the quality of all of our products. our company was founded over 25 years ago in richmond, va sewing flags by hand in the garage. if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase - please reach out to us directly and we will be happy to make it right. you can also click on our storefront link to shop our full selection of exclusive products.

If you are looking for a fade-resistant, cheerful yet functional décor piece to add to your patio, this is the way to go. This accent piece is battery powered and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It makes an excellent housewarming gift.

Key Features:

  • Clock on one side and thermometer on the other side
  • Rustic style design with sturdy construction for long term outdoor use
  • Easy to install and perfect for all seasons

2. Instruments 13377ST Infinity Blanc Thermometer

Infinity Instruments 13377ST Blanc ( Blanc Thermometer)
Product Highlights:
  • made of durable poly-resin
  • easy to read thermometer
  • beautiful fleur de lis pattern

This Blanc Fleur de lis outdoor thermometer is made of poly-resin for durability in prolonged outdoor use. It comes with a saw-tooth hanging hardware for easy installation. It is easy to adjust – just flip it on the back and use a flathead screwdriver to adjust to your liking.

Key Features:

  • High black and white contrast numerals for easy reading even from a distance
  • Poly-resin construction for water resistance and durability with outdoor use
  • Accurate Fahrenheit temperature reading

3. Lily’s Home Verdigris Outdoor Wall Dial Thermometer and Clock Set

Lilys Home Hanging Verdigris ( Great Housewarming Gift, Black (13 Inches))
Product Highlights:
  • designed with elegance: the hanging verdigris wall clock and thermometer have both been beautifully designed to complement vintage and retro style decor. with a dark color and the verdigris coloring along the edges, it brings a touch of elegances to any garden, backyard, or pool area.
  • easy to read: the wall clock features large numbers and a wide 13-inch diameter, making the time easy to read from across your yard or while you're lounging in the pool. while it is not actually made of metal, the metal-look resin stands up to inclement weather, can be mounted poolside. this clock and thermometer will stand the test of time as well as the elements and will make an excellent addition to any yard.
  • reliable indoors or outdoors: the thermometer can accurately measure temperatures from -40° to 120° fahrenheit while the analog-style clock reliably keeps time inside or out in all kinds of weather. these are great for indoor use in the family room, office, or game room, or outdoors in the garden, backyard, or by the pool!
  • battery powered and easy to mount: the hanging wall clock is battery powered and does not have any cords or cables. 1 aa battery is required but is not included. easily hang or mount each one using a nail or screw with the integrated hanging hole in the back.
  • make a house a home: lily’s home offers beautifully designed clocks, dishware, garden decorations, and more to add a touch of style to any home. whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or looking for a way to add more color to your garden, lily’s home has just what you’re looking for!

The elegant Verdigris outdoor set is designed to exude elegance, making it an irresistible addition to your outdoor and indoor spaces. This battery powered set can be installed with some nails or screws. While it gives of a rustic feel, it is not metallic – it is made of resin to make it weather resistant.

Key Features:

  • Black and gold tone numeric dial contrast for easy reading
  • Accurately measures temperatures between -400 to 1200 Fahrenheit
  • Retro and vintage style outdoor décor for a touch of elegance

4. Evergreen Outdoor Garden Sun Design Wall Thermometer

Evergreen Garden Metal And ( Homegoods And Decorations For Patios, Lawn Or Garden)
Product Highlights:
  • unique details: all of our gorgeous products are all about the details. bring enchantment to your exterior space with this sun outdoor wall thermometer.
  • durable: crafted from powder-coated, outdoor-safe metal, the design keeps track of the temperature and showcases true beauty and allows it to last season after season.
  • easy display: a metal keyhole on the back of the sunshine allows for easy hanging on any exterior wall. for best results hang in a partially shaded place for more accurate readings.
  • fashionable year-round flair: beauty that matches that of nature. dream about your garden surrounded by colorful flower blooms, your friends enjoying your outside space, and your stunning, durable everyday home accessories and lawn decor bringing extra joy to your life.
  • about us: evergreen respects and celebrate the uniqueness in everyone by offering one of the world’s largest selections of home and garden decor. express your identity and build meaningful connections to others, whether hosting a seasonal dinner party, holiday dinner, birthay or event we have a unique offering for you. because everyone is one-of-a-kind, it’s the one thing we all have in common. that is why “we see the unique in you”.

With a reading range of -300 to 1300 Fahrenheit, this highly rated outdoor thermometer makes for an east-to-install wall piece. The wooden feel to it makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use as a functional décor piece. The 14 inch diameter face with large digits makes it easy to read the temperature values.

Key Features:

  • Weather resistant construction which makes it durable with prolonged outdoor use
  • Easy to install and easy to read with a wide temperature range
  • Beautiful design that makes a functional wall hanging for indoor and outdoor spaces

5. Mumtop Outdoor, Waterproof wall mounted Patio Butterfly Thermometer

MUMTOP Thermometer Indoor Outdoor ( Thermometer Does Not Require Any Battery)
Product Highlights:
  • the hooks on the back and the waterproof design make the thermometer suitable for study, garden, patio and any other occasions
  • black bold numbers inside which make it easy to read the temperature value from long distance
  • this thermometer accuracy is between -40 and 140℉/-40 to 60℃ to suit all climates, and exquisite design can be used as an adornment
  • the thermometer is detachable for easy cleaning and carrying
  • after 2 hours, the thermometer pointer will match the local temperature automatically.please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products

With bold black numbers against a white background, this highly rated thermometer is easy to read from a distance. The thermometer can be detached for portability and easy cleaning. The metallic butterfly frame keeps the thermometer strong, well put, durable and exceptionally pretty.

Key Features:

  • The temperature readings are available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Accurate temperature reading with a range of -40 to 60℃ or -40 and 140℉
  • It doesn’t require batteries to operate

Buying Guide

Thermometers have one primary function; to tell temperature. As such, it is important to ensure that the thermometer you choose can show accurate temperature reading. Here are a few things to add to the list when looking for the perfect decorative outdoor thermometer.

1. The Display Size of the Thermometer

The display should be large enough to fit big numbers that make reading easy. It also helps if the background and the numbers are in high contrast. Any thermometer with a display that is less than 14 inches in diameter is likely to be small.

2. The Quality of the Outdoor Thermometer

As an outdoor piece, the thermometer should be made of a durable material, or enveloped in a layer of an all-weather coating to keep it durable and untouched by the elements. A waterproof patio thermometer is an added advantage.

Harsh weather conditions such as strong winds might occur. As such, ensure that you buy an outdoor thermometer that can be securely mounted to avoid accidents and damages. While some thermometers may come with hanging options, always look for a more secure mounting option.

3. The Fahrenheit Versus Celsius Debate

 While some thermometers offer both readings, most options are available in Fahrenheit. A majority of those that offer both readings have the Fahrenheit section as dominant making the Celsius part less visible from a distance. The good news is that there are a few options that show Celsius readings in bold, visible numbers.

4. Decorative Add-Ons

Some thermometers are paired with matching wall clocks for the ultimate patio décor set. While in some sets the clock comes as a separate piece, some designs have a double face device that has a clock on one side and a thermometer on the other.

5. Meteorological Functions

Some Patio thermometer designs incorporate other functionalities such as a hydrometer or a weather vane. You can opt for such designs instead of purchasing each meteorological item separately. This is however dependent on whether all the functionalities in the singly unit can give accurate reading.

6. The Design, Color, Shape and Size

Always go for the pieces that match or complement the décor of the area in which you want to use the patio thermometer. An aesthetically appealing design will always win over a plain one. Always go for larger display options if you intend to be reading temperature values from a distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the clock that comes with the thermometer produce a ticking sound?

This depends on the design you are looking at. Since it is intended for outdoor use, it is unlikely to be loud enough to disturb those inside the house. If you cannot live with an audible ticking clock, check out other silent designs or seek advice from the seller.

How do I install my patio thermometer?

All units come with instructions and hardware needed for installation. Be sure to mount it away from direct sunlight if you want to have accurate temperatures. Install your unit in an area with free airflow for accurate readings.

How often do I need to calibrate my outdoor thermometer?

Check manufacturer’s instruction on how and when to calibrate your unit. Additionally, calibrate your patio thermometer every time you move it around, say after a renovation project and if it is knocked over. You can also calibrate at least once annually or as is needed.

How long does it take my outdoor thermometer to adjust?

This depends on the design. There are some designs that will require 2 hours to adjust while others require less or more time. Look out for this information in the product description section as well as the customer reviews section.

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