Best Beer Coolers For Patio Top 5 List With Buyers Guide And Reviews

Best Beer Coolers for Patio: Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for a great addition to your patio gear then a patio cooler must be on the list. Nothing can beat a cold fresh beer on a hot summer night, especially during parties and gatherings. 

And in order to ensure that your guests never miss out on the fun, we have selected the best 5 beer cooler for patio you can find out there. Check them out!

5 Best-Selling Beer Coolers for Patio

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Beer Coolers for Patio

1. VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest Beer Cooler

VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling ( Beverage Pool With Bottle Opener,Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • 80 quart cooler cart: holds up to 80 quarts (20 gallons) 96 aluminum can, it will be a perfect tool to cool your drinks, such as beer, beverage and juicy.
  • multi directional rolling wheels: 2 caster with lock and 2 caster without lock, move it anywhere or lock to keep it in place. bottom tray for additional storage and two-sided easy access lid.
  • exquisite construction: bottle opener with bottle cap catcher attached to side, two sided access lids with handles easy opening and closing. increase portability
  • keep cool and warm: keep cool for 48hrs and keep warm for 8hrs. convenient rolling cooler is perfect for any outdoor and indoor occasion like a barbeque or backyard party.
  • easy clean and assemble: drain plug removing excess water, for easy cleaning and care. installation without tools.

Heading the list of the best beer cooler for patio is the VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest cooler. Offering both functionality and style, this cooler can hold up to 20 Gallons, making it ideal for pool parties, barbeque gathering, and any other grand occasions. Moreover, it can keep your beverages cold and fresh up to 48 hours.

Key Features:

  • 80 quarts capacity.
  • Ideal for parties and large gatherings.
  • Incorporate beverage opener and lower tray for extra storage.

2. ZEN STYLE Rattan Style Outdoor Patio Table Designed Cooler

Zen Style  Cooler comes in a very attractive sleek design. Besides ensuring that your beverages are cold and fresh, the cooler also serves as a standing table which is ideal for small parties and gatherings. The height can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. The cooler also incorporates a drainage plug system for easy water and ice discharge.

Key Features:

  • High-quality weather-resistant Rattan and Iron Lining material.
  • Multifunctional design construction.
  • Max capacity up to 5.5 Gallons.

3. Margaritaville 77 Quart Oval Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooler with Wheels 

Bringing that island breeze to your patio, the 77 Quart Oval patio Cooler is easy to transport thanks to its firm caster locked wheels and handy grips. The cooler is made from rust-resistant enduring stainless steel material, ensuring its long term of serving. 

Key Features:

  • Lower-base storage area.
  • Towel holder and beer opener.
  • Easy and simple access to the beverage space.

4. Merry Garden MPG-PC01 Wooden Patio Cooler

Merry Garden MPGPC01 Wooden ( Wooden Patio Cooler)
Product Highlights:
  • stylish cooler, handles on both sides
  • the exterior is made out of eucalyptus hardwood
  • comes fully assembled

With its retro classic design, the Merry Garden MPG-PC01 beer cooler will be a great addition to any patio. Made of eucalyptus hardwood on the outside and insulated plastic on the inside, the cooler is large enough to accommodate a great number of beers and ice loads. Moreover, this cooler comes fully assembled.

Key Features:

  • Retro and stylish design.
  • Large and effective.
  • It comes fully assembled.

5. Igloo 49271 Party Bar Cooler

Igloo 49271 Party Bar ( Powered By LiddUp®)
Product Highlights:
  • fully insulated body for long-lasting ice retention
  • 16 water-resistant, heat-free led lights provide 360-degree interior lighting allows the party to continue when the sun goes down.
  • heavy duty locking casters on a removable base makes it easy to move when full.
  • threaded drain plug is garden hose compatible;cool riser design keeps contents cooler for longer by elevating away from hot surfaces
  • handy bottle opener and cap catch bin

Unlike other cooler listed, the Igloo 49271 Party Bar Cooler surely stands out from the crowd with its advanced features. The cooler comes with removable separators to meet different tastes and preferences. Most importantly, it has outstanding ice preservation and LED lights that will ensure great visibility during the dusk.

Key Features:

  • Integrated LED lights.
  • large and spacious storage space (With and without the dividers).
  • Leakage-free drain plug system.

Buyers Guide

Now before you go ahead and make a final decision on the best beer cooler for patio, these following metrics can help you better understand the differences between the wide range of coolers and eventually make an accurate final decision.

1. Ice Retention

This term literally translates to the duration of time a cooler can sustain the ice inside of it. As you may know, there are certain determinants which can cause the ice to melt. 

Some of these determinants we can mention, the recurrence rate of opening the top lids of the cooler and external heats. And since patio coolers are intended for outdoor purposes, then frequent usage can affect the ice retention time. 

For this reason, taking into consideration the ice retention metric is super important in this aspect, as it will ensure a long and durable freshness and coolness of your beverages. 

2. Capacity

This is another important factor when purchasing the best beer cooler for patio. The storage capacity will define how much beers can be placed inside the cooler.

 And if you are intending to use the cooler for parties or large gatherings, you want to ensure that everyone will not waste his/her time waiting in line until your refill it again. 

The capacities can differ from one cooler to the other (from 30 quarts to 80 quarts and more dependently).

3. Wheels

A cooler that comes with incorporated and locked wheels are much easier to handle. They are easy to move around in your patio, especially if it is full. The locked wheels will help maintain the cooler fixed in one place and avoid any potential accidents

4. UV Resistance

As we have mentioned, patio coolers are intended for outdoor use. Therefore, they are much more likely to be exposed to heat and the sun whether directly or indirectly. 

Hence, if your patio cooler is coated with UV resistant material, you don’t have to worry much. The UV resistance substance can ensure the protection of your cooler from external potential contingencies.

5. Material Wise

Coolers can be constructed from different materials including, plastic, stainless steel, rattan, wood and more. While many think that plastic will be damaged easily after some use, the opposite is true. 

Nowadays, a lot of coolers are made out of hard recycled plastic, which is durable and strong enough for long term use. Wood and other materials are heavy duty and they are mainly designed to meet the aesthetic aspect of the cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the size and the weight of the cooler matter?

It surely does. You want to make sure that your cooler fits within your patio. If you have a smaller patio then height-adjustable cooler like Zen Style patio cooler can be a great option. Not only that, but coolers should be also stored during the winter season.

Therefore, you have to ensure enough space whether indoor or in your garage for it. Weight-wise, it’s better to look for lightweight or portable coolers. Or else, a cooler with wheels are also an excellent deal.

How many cans does an 80 quarts cooler can hold?

It depends on the cooler brand and design. However, generally, a cooler of 80 quarts can hold up to 100 Aluminium cans.

Are there any low-maintenance coolers I should consider?

When it comes to low maintenance coolers, then we highly recommend coolers that are made of plastic. This type of cooler requires minimum care and maintenance and they will last you for years. Moreover, they are usually easy to clean.

What kind of additional features I should be looking for when purchasing the best beer cooler for the patio?

If you want to upgrade your cooler with some additional features, then we recommend any unique tabletops and versatile side shelves. The side shelves can be very practical. Furthermore, integrated Led lights can be a great addition, especially during the nighttime.

You can also make DIY Patio Beer Cooler if you are in a tight budget:

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