Best Bamboo Roller Shades For Patio

Best Bamboo Roller Shades for Patio : Reviews & Buying Guide

It is not every time you sit in your patio you want the sun crawling on your skin. On some days, you want the coolness of shade while fresh air runs all over your skin. A rigid shade will not do because you will not be able to adjust it to let light or breeze in. You will need this feature because there will be days when you want to enjoy the sunlight and the fresh air together. The following are some of the best bamboo roller shades for patio and they offer these features.

5 Best-Selling Bamboo Roller Shades for Patio

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Bamboo Roller Shades for Patio

1. Arlo Blinds Cordless Petite Bamboo Roman Shades Blinds

The Arlo Blinds Cordless Roman Shades Blinds is made from real bamboo. It weighs less than 7 lbs. and comes in at least 10 different sizes. It is offered in 7 different colors including java deep, whitewash, and Tuscan. The cordless feature is something to look forward to when you have children around. Without the cord, they will be unable to pull on the shade and that preserves your shade for another their little mischief. While using this indoors, you get enough light filtering to prevent light from affecting viewing from your computer or TV screen.

Key Features:

  • Cordless lift.
  • Made with real bamboo.
  • Smooth texture.

2. Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades

Cordless Woven Wood Roman ( 20-72 Wide And 24-72 High)
Product Highlights:
  • please follow the 8 easy steps below when ordering. step 1: select your color. step 2: click on the size drop down and you will see different sizes 24 to 72 wide. if you need 20 to 23 wide just pick the 24 wide. step 3: pick the size that best matches your width and height.
  • step 4: hit the “customize now” button on the right side to fill out your custom measurements. step 6: pick inside or outside mount. step 7: select your custom measurements. for inside mount give us the exact opening to the 1/8th of an inch and we will take a 3/8 deduction. for an outside mount give us the exact size you want the shade to come. see more information below on the mounting types if you have questions. step 8: add to cart
  • for an inside the window frame mount, fill out the customization form with the exact measurement of the opening to the 1/8th inch and we will take a 3/8 inch deduction off the exact measurement given so the shade will fit perfectly in that opening. the shade must be slightly smaller than the opening to fit inside. again, we take the deduction so give us the exact opening to the 1/8th inch. you need at least 1 3/8 inch of depth at the top of the window for an inside mount.
  • for an outside the window frame mount we take no deductions- provide us with the exact size you want the shade to come when filling out the customization form. outside mounts are traditionally mounted above the window opening and go slightly wider than the opening. these are child safe cordless woven wood shades. they will not be completely private. the collections that offer the most privacy are the hatteras and eastfield collections. limited lifetime warranty all hardware is included.
  • additional colors. we also have 8 more materials available. you can see all our products by clicking on our store right below the title. this prevents the chance of jumping a price grid which can cause a price difference when customizing the shade. please keep in mind that these are natural products so there can be a slight variances in the color. especially if you place an order months apart.

The Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades is made in at least 10 preset sizes. The sizes can also be customized to suit your needs. This product is offered in 13 colors including Hatteras camel, Winthrop camel, Ashbury camel, and bayhead grey. Without the cord, you can be assured that your kids and pets will not bring your shades down while you are not looking. You can even get yours customized to suit the size of the frame you intend to use it with. The texture of the bamboo used is smooth and the bamboo is treated to ensure that it is resistant to rotting. 

Key Features:

  • Cordless shade.
  • Customizable size.
  • All-natural material.

3. Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades

Cordless Blackout Bamboo Window ( Bamboo Shades For Doors, 77" W X 96" H, Pattern 2)
Product Highlights:
  • description: 100% natural material bamboo cordless window blinds. you can choose outdoor or indoor used bamboo type. roman shades and roller shades two styles for you to choose from. all shades come with 6"h matching valance. bamboo shades without liner gently filter light but can not protect privacy. bamboo shades with liner can block about 90% light.cordless bamboo window shades are safe for children, just gently push weighted bottom bar to control the shade. all mounting hardware is included.
  • order confirmation: we provide custom service to make sure the blind can fit your window perfectly, we can do size to 1/16". select the pattern you like then click the "customize now" bottom, leave all the information according to the instructions as detailed as possible. we will send email to all customers to double confirm the size in 24 hours, please make sure you will reply email timely. if we don't get your reply in 48 hours, we will make the blinds as your order customizations.
  • inside mount width: inside mount require a min 2" window frame depth. choose the size which is closest to the exact window inside width and height to place order, then we will minu 0.4" (the mounting space) base on your window width to the final shade width, and make the final shade height the same as your window height. for example, if your window inside are 35.75" wide by 42" high, select closest 36" w x 48" l to place order, the roller shade you get will be 35.35" wide by 42" high.
  • outside mount width: the shade width and length should be 3" to 10" wider than window for better coverage. choose the size which is closest to the exact final shade. for example, if your window is 40.75" wide by 58" height, the shade should be at least 44"wide and 65" high, you need to select closest 44" w x 70" h to place order. we will make no deduction, you will get the exact shade size you ordered 44"w by 70"h. for outside mount, if there is enough space, the bigger the better.
  • shipping: we do not deliver to po box and apo addresses. courier companies do not deliver to po boxes and the shades are too long to post. please provide your delivery address. couriers deliver 9am-5pm weekdays and ask to sign proof of delivery, so it could be your work address, too. when you shop from us, we will make sure your project to be a success. no matter if you made a mistake or there are other issues, you will be covered. any question you can contact us with amazon email.

The Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades comes in over 10 sizes. Asides, the preset sizes, you can custom your order. It is offered in 16 colors including camel, camel-outdoor, dark brown, and gold. There is this pattern this bamboo roller shade has when rolled down – it adds extra life to your patio or your room. The wooden handle matches the color of the shade itself and its design is ergonomic. Handling the cords to adjust your shade is pretty smooth.

Key Features:

  • Made from natural materials.
  • Shade comes with valance.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle for cords.

4. Seta Direct Brown Bamboo Slat Roll-up Blind

Seta Direct Brown Bamboo ( 72-Inch Wide By 72-Inch Long)
Product Highlights:
  • brown bamboo flat slat with brown matchstick bamboo roll up blind
  • this blind has a non-woven fabric attached to the back of the blind to provide complete privacy
  • actual measurement: 183 cm wide x 183 cm long (72w x 72l inches)
  • blind could be inside mount or outside mount on window frames with provided screw hooks
  • included hardware: 2 screw hooks and 1 blind cord safety cleat

This roller shade is made in varying width but all are 72 inches long except one variant that measures 36 x 96 inch. You can use this in 2 modes: with privacy backing and without privacy backing. It weighs about 7.5 lbs. While this may not give you the privacy you want, there is this peculiar coolness that you experience while it shades you. It blocks out sunlight to a great degree but does not black things out. So if you want dark but not too dark, you should consider this.

Key Features:

  • Non-woven fabric provides privacy backing.
  • Comes with a catch to hold blinds up.
  • Easy to install.

5. Thy Trading Bamboo Roll-up Sun Shade

Bamboo Roll Up Window ( Shade W72 X H72)
Product Highlights:
  • dimension: 72"w x 72"h
  • effectively control sun light and wind in your room. it can be used indoor or outdoor but do not expose to rainwater. smoothly roll up or down to control sun light and wind in your room.
  • made of selected high quality real bamboo
  • easily installed in minutes with all necessary hardware included and can be inside or outside mount of your window frame
  • please note, do not place your shades in moist, damp environments. actual natural bamboo may slightly vary in color from computer monitors/calibrations colors.

Thy Trading Bamboo roll-up sunshade can be used indoors and outdoors. It weighs less than 6 lbs. and is offered in one color. The dimensions are 72” x 72”. This comes without the hassle of installation. You could even call it “Plug n Play”. It also has a texture that you will just want to touch.

Key Features:

  • All-natural material.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Buying Guide

In this guide, we highlight the features you should look out for in your bamboo roller shades for patio. These features are essential for you to fully enjoy the experience with your bamboo roller shades.

1. Texture

Bamboo roller shades for patio come in varying textures. They are made from different bamboo trees and are made with different finishing. The materials and finishing used in the production of the bamboo shade determine its structure.

You should consider the patio area you intend to use the product in while making your choice. Ensure the texture matches the ambiance of your patio. Also, ensure the texture is one that would match not just the patio but other areas of your home you may wish to use the bamboo roller shade in.

2. Material

As mentioned earlier, the material determines the texture of the bamboo roller shades you get. But that is not all. Some bamboo shades are made with a mixture of materials. The material used in production may be totally bamboo or not totally bamboo i.e. a mix of bamboo and other types of wood. The material may also be 100% natural or a mix of natural and artificial material. This choice should be based on your predisposition but we reckon an all-natural material is the best for everyone.

3. Installation

It is cheaper to install your bamboo roller shades yourself. But if your roller shade is one that is not easy to install, you may not be able to avoid incurring this extra cost. The best bamboo shade to get is those you remove from the pack and hang, no hassle.

4. Color

Bamboo roller shades for patio come in many colors. The color of the area you intend to use yours is very important. You would not want your shades looking off when you hang it. Generally, dark-colored bamboo shades go well with a bright background while brightly-colored bamboo shades go well with a dark background.

You should also know that bamboo shades can change color over time. You certainly will not want a product that will change rapidly. You also do not want a product that will look like something else over time. So prioritize getting a bamboo roller shade product with stable color.

5. Liner/Privacy

Bamboo roller shades are usually see-through, especially at night. This might not matter to you sometimes but on some other days, you just want your privacy. If your bamboo roller shade comes with a liner, you can drop the liner down to shade yourself when you need it. However, if it does not, you get no privacy while using your shade.

6. Size

For any product, size usually matters. You do not want your roller shade too big or too small for the space you intend to use it. While bamboo roller shades for patio come in preset sizes, some manufacturers offer you the opportunity to specify the dimensions of your patio to get a custom made roller shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my bamboo roller shades be attached to the ceiling?

If the screw and hooks for attachment to the ceiling are available in your package, then it can.

Can I adjust the size of my bamboo roller shade by cutting it myself?

This is possible but you are not advised to do this. Cutting it yourself may cause it to look off. Instead of doing this adjustment, order for a custom-made shade.

Asides my patio, can I use my bamboo roller shades in other spaces?

Yes, you can. Your roller shades can be used on your windows, your doors, and your ceiling.

I cannot open or adjust my bamboo roller shade for patio after installation, what can I do?

You can try re-installing it to ensure that you installed properly the first time. If it does not get better after this, you may contact a technician.


Bamboo roller shades for patio can offer an extra dimension to your relaxation outdoors. With the shades, without the shades, rolled up, or rolled down, you will enjoy every atmosphere you create with it.

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