5 Best French Inswing Patio Doors

5 Best French Inswing Patio Doors

Traditional and elegant: French Inswing Patio Doors can transform the appearance and style of any home and patio. Not only are French-style patio doors popular in the USA, but they’re the number one choice for homes around the world. If you’re new to the world of door shopping, you’ll need to know these insights about French Inswing Patio Doors to make better-informed shopping decisions.

5 Best-Selling French Inswing Patio Doors

Reviews of 5 Top Rated French Inswing Patio Doors

1. French Inswing Patio Doors with Frosted Opaque Glass

Solid French Double Doors ( Frame Trims | Closet Bedroom Sturdy Doors)
Product Highlights:
  • ✔️ set includes- 2 glass paneled doors 36x80 each, trims 2.95 in wide, frames for wall up to 5 1/2" thickness, non-mortise hinges, satin nickel door levers/knobs. please add 2" to door width and 1.25" to door height to determine minimal rough opening. doors have no bores for handles.
  • ✔️ like pre-hung door- door is not pre-attached to the frame. set consists of all the necessary parts hanging the door. frames connect before the installation. hinges not require the slots for installation. handle/knob hole should be drilled to install.
  • ✔️ wood door- door made of solid pine wood and covered by eco-veneer. pre-finished, eco friendly, high durability, clean ability & quality, stability scratch & stain resistant
  • ✔️ custom size — door can be trimmed on 3/4“ on top and bottom, on 3/4“ on left and right side as well. different style of lever/knob can be provided per request
  • ✔️ full range of hardware- every part can be customize on your desire. a lot of sizes and finishing are available. different knob/lever style can be provided per request. we could provide a free color sample. hardware can be shipped separately.

Double French doors don’t come better than this SartoDoors Stores’ patio door. It is constructed of wood with two glass panels. The wood used is solid pine and is covered with eco-veneer. It is pre-finished and needs only to be fitted and installed to your frame. Along with the doors, this set comes with Satin Nickel door knobs/levers (of which you can select). This item is not a pre-hung door to a supplied frame, but rather allows you to customize the door’s size to perfectly fit your existing door frames. Being solid wood, they reduce noise outside/inside by 30 percent of fiberglass and steel doors. What’s more, the eco-veneer finish offers high durability and it’s scratch and stain resistant while also being eco-friendly too

2. Double Panel French Inswing Patio Doors

For a clean and solid aesthetic, these double panel French inswing patio doors are customizable in size and hardware to lift any setting and style. These doors are not pre-drilled nor are they pre-hung to any door frames; instead, you are able to mount them to your existing frames. This set includes all the hardware and components for perfect installation. It is constructed from solid pine wood and covered with eco-veneer – it is eco-friendly, scratch- and stain-resistant, and highly durable.

3. Ginger Ash Pine Wooden French Inswing Patio Doors with Frosted Glass

SartoDoors make high quality and doors and these French inswing patio doors in Ginger Ash color makes for beautiful accents to any home’s style. Constructed from solid pine wood, they create a stylish look from any angle. They are covered in eco-veneer for long-lasting and stain- and scratch-resistant durability. With a modern and minimalist design, the frosted opaque glass allows a certain amount of light to enter the house, while also offering privacy. This is ideal for those requiring a door for a balcony patio. These doors are not pre-cut nor are they pre-hung to a frame: you are able to drill your holes for the hinges and other hardware exactly where you would like them to be.

4. Double Glass French Inswing Patio Doors with Internal Blinds

National Door Company Z029667R ( Door, Internal Blinds Full Lite, 72"x80")
Product Highlights:
  • door is not for commercial use
  • internal white mini blinds are sealed between 2 panes of clear, tempered glass and controlled by a single operator
  • double doors are activated by releasing the astragal
  • right hand active in-swing door handing – standing on the inside of your home, if your active knob is on the left door, you have a right hand active in-swing
  • doors come primed, ready to paint

With a modern and minimalist style, these double glass French inswing patio doors with internal blinds will add more sophistication to your home’s look. These doors are pre-hung to a composite frame to make installation that much easier and quicker. They also feature a compression weather strip, Satin Nickel hinges, and a deadbolt bore preparation. Made from premium fiberglass, the door is stain- and scratch-resistant and will only require a minimum of maintenance. The internal blinds are able to cover the full length of the glass so that you can control the amount of light you wish to enter your home or to increase your level of privacy.

5. French Inswing Patio Doors with Solid Wood and Frames

Featuring a more traditional design, these French inswing patio doors with solid wood and frames are beautiful and elegant while being fully functional and practical. These are made by SartoDoors and are made from a single sold piece of pinewood and features an eco-veneer finish to protect it from the weather and its elements. The glass panes are clear and the doors are delivered with all fittings including Satin Nickel hinges, handles and fasteners.

Buying Guide

1. Security Benefits

A door needs to offer security, of course. Make sure your French inswing patio door has non-removable pins and a deadbolt at the minimum, while doors with a double-bore lockset would be advantageous. You can add those preparations to your doors if the manufacturer has not already equipped the doors with those.

2. Material Options

French Patio doors are available in three materials: Fiberglass, steel, and wood. All three materials have their benefits and it is a style preference in deciding which would suit your home and needs best. Fiberglass and steel doors options require very little in terms of maintenance, while solid wooden doors will require a small degree of maintenance every few seasons to maintain its finish if it isn’t covered in exterior such as eco-veneer.

3. Weather-Resistance

Make sure that the doors you’re buying are finished in weather-resistant coverings to ensure they’re able to withstand the outdoor elements. A door without a compression weatherstrip is less likely to keep draughts of wind away: should your French doors not come equipped with these, it is recommended to purchase weather strips to fit doors.

4. Glass Panes

The glass panes should be impacted and tempered for strength and look for double-glazing to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. Most French patio doors with glass panes feature internal muntins between the two panes of glass that increase the door’s insulation properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are French doors?

French doors are hinged doors that come in pairs. Fitted to frames, they open either inwards or outwards and most commonly feature glass panels. From patio doorways to home studies, bathrooms or even office doors, French doors are typically used for exterior doorways.

Can you change in-swing doors to out-swing, or vice versa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reverse the swinging direction of French patio doors. They are specially made for in- or out-swing.

Do you have to open both French doors every time you want to use them?

No. French doors are usually fitted with a center lock and latch to pin one of the doors in place in the frame. This allows you to open either door or both depending on your needs.

Are French doors safe and secure?

Yes. Using a Patlock (which is popular with French door owners), they will be more secure than a sliding patio door.

Are French doors energy-efficient?

Yes. Using a Patlock (which is popular with French door owners), they will be more secure than a sliding patio door.


French inswing patio doors will add another layer of appeal to your home’s façade and style – and they are proven to increase the value of a house. Versatile in design and function, they create more warmth in style than sliding doors and retractable doors while letting light into your home with the ability to open both doors for increased light and air – or by closing both – to suit your needs.